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Between Master and Disciples

Big Powers Did Not Keep Their Promise to Ukraine (Ureign), Part 5 of 5, Mar. 21, 2022

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I said to Heaven, “Wouldn’t it be better if You enlighten them instead? (Yes.) Instead of getting rid of?” They said, “We cannot change these. (Oh.) Not these ones. (Wow.) He will not change. (Oh.) She or he will not change. He came in just for that.” Three times tried, three times failed. (Oh.)

Alright, my love. So, the initiation, some people come in at the initiation time, and they don’t even have any experience. I know some of them. And then later, because I know them; sometimes I went to different countries, and I need just suddenly, like temporary but immediate drivers, (Yes.) or people who take care of my luggage. And then by talking to them or staying with them for a while, I know why they don’t have experience. They wanted money from me. (Oh.) Outright, outright. (Wow.) Hundreds of thousands. (Terrible. Oh, gosh.) For example, like that. And if I give them like 10,000, and say, “This is good for your parents.” They say, “That’s it? (Wow.) 10,000?” (My God.) I said, “Well, that is the money you earn over many months.” (Wow.) It’s enough. And he said, “How about me?” For example, that person asked, how about him. I said, “You are not worth it. Heaven told me you’re not worth it.” (Wow.)

It’s a true story. I’m not just telling a fairytale or making it up. No, it’s a true story, (Yes, Master. Wow.) That person’s still alive. (Oh. Goodness.) I don’t name names. (Yes, Master, understand.) That person’s still alive. So, then he told me during initiation he has no experience. I thought, “No wonder.” (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

And many others. This is just money talk, or maybe want to come in and work for Supreme Master Television, but some others are more wicked. (Yes.) Money is not much of a big problem. Somebody more wicked wanted to kill me even. Not just one person. (Wow.) At least two within the residents. (Wow. Oh, my goodness.) Not here anyway. Not here anymore. (Thanks God.) I did not even know, I’m so blind. I trusted people so much. I never checked anything until later. Until later something weird happened, some behavior or something; then I check it out. Oh, my God. But I’m still stupid enough to keep, and thinking people will change; love will change people. Until Heaven was ringing in my ears; (Oh.) told me to love myself first. That’s what They said. (Right. Yes, Master.) “Don’t love enemies. Don’t love murderers.” Then, of course, either I run or I tell that person to go. It’s still on time. Thank God. (Yes, thank God.)

Alright. Now you know. And it’s not only that, there are also black magicians and stuff. All kinds of things that try to harm me all the time. I am really grateful to still be alive to do my job. (We are also, Master. We are too, Master.) If it’s like Jesus then you would have become orphans a long time ago already. Or maybe long before you even know I exist. (Oh, no.) Alright good. At least I’m still here for you. (Thank You, Master, for being with us. We’re very happy You’re with us, Master.)

But you see, I’m very grateful that this time Heaven is really strong, really supportive, really tells me things. (Yes.) Warning me of things, and even sent Good Love. (Yes.) Bless him. As a dog-person. (Yes. Right.)

He had been adopted three times, and three times he found the way to go back to the adoption center and wait for me. (Wow.) Only that time, he didn’t go anywhere, he didn’t make any trouble. He didn’t bite the owner or any workers, so he stayed. Everywhere else he bit. He didn’t kill them, he just bit, so that they would give him up. (Yes, Master.) So that he could wait for me. It’s not easy. Even if you want to come down here to help your relatives, or friends or loved ones, you could be like floating around the whole planet forever until you find the one. (Yes.)

When he found me, 250-plus dog-people or something, all over barking so loud. He’s the one just standing still and just watching me. (Wow.) He caught my attention. And after that the center still told me… They’re happy when somebody adopts somebody, but this center is very special. They make sure that you love the dog-person. (Oh.) They make sure that the dog-person is OK with you first. So, they told me, “Don’t adopt him. We have many more. This one, he bites the owners. And will bite other dog-people that you have.” Oh, scared me. So I went home, I said, “OK.”

And then, after two months, I kept checking, checking and I knew he came down just for me. So, I said, “If a soul came down for me, just for me, and in a form of dog-person, to suffer like that, I have to help him.” (Yes. Understand.) I don’t care what he can do for me, I have to help him. And even if I love him, he will love me. That’s what I believed. (Yes.) So, then that’s how it is. (Yes, Master.)

And the day I went there to take him, they still told me, “Think about it, please. He bites and all that.” So I told her, “Please, don’t talk negative like that. You must wish him well. (Right. Yes.) You must wish our relationship to be good and better instead of talking negative. You have been talking all this time already; I heard all that already. Now say something good. Wish him good luck, wish him the best, wish him a good relationship with me.” Then she turned around and said such good things.

So, I kept sending his photos with other dog-people, with me, and with the adopted ones from Thailand, together with him, laying around him. And even sneak into his den. Dog-person den. Right? (Yes.) Dog-person box. The little one, the smallest one, took up his biggest box. We make dog-people den. (Yes.) She always goes in there with him. The smallest one, the little one. And he does nothing. Sometimes when ever she like twisting around, toss and turn, he went outside, stayed in front of his den instead. And she took up the whole house, his house. They are very cute together. So, he never ever did anything to them.

And one black one, she always danced around him. Trying to get his attention, and he said, “Aargh!” But finally, she got him somehow to kiss her. Many times, until he kissed her, she wouldn’t let him go. Oh, man! I said, “Hey, you! Don’t sell yourself so cheap like that. You’re a lady.” She couldn’t care less. Oh, she does all kinds of dances. (Oh.) Twist and turn, and then sometimes she just lays on the head and the bottom is up. And she twists around, around, and then she jumps up and down. (Yes.) And then goes near him and puts her face right in front of his mouth. I said, “You are not scared?” And then he kissed her. My God!

In the beginning, I was scared. I didn’t let them together. (Ah, yes.) But one day they escaped. They came out and played together, and that was the breakthrough. That day was a breakthrough. The girl (attendant) forgot to close the door well, the cage well, outside in the garden. Forgot. (Oh.) They came out and played together in the garden. My heart almost jumped into my mouth. I said, “Who did this?” And then I saw them playing together, and Good Love kissed the black girl. Then, I said, “Oh, my God. Thank You, God. Thank You. Thank You, God. You could have killed me. Why didn’t You tell me that they’re OK together?” They were OK together, they slept together, they took up his bed, or whatever. And he just let them.

Oh, my God. Why do I talk about dog-people? Oh, dear. Because Heaven sent him even physically to protect me. (Yes.) Because he has power. (Right.) Physically he’s a dog-person, but he has magical power from Heaven. Not from Astral one. So, he can change the situation and make it not happen. (Wow.)

While, I, me, walking around and saying nice things to that guy, this girl, whatever, (Yes.) thinking that love will change people. Probably love will change me; change my location, take me from Earth back to Heaven (Oh.) if I’m not careful. Oh, I couldn’t care less before, I was very care-free. Anyone who wanted to come in, to become nun and monk, I’m OK immediately. (Yes.) Even sometimes risking their family to come and scold me and make trouble for me a lot. (Oh.)

I worship monks and nuns. I thought they are very noble. (Yes.) Priests and all that. I was taught to respect nuns and monks and priests. (Yes, Master.) So, whoever wanted to become nuns and monks and priests, I welcomed right away with love. (Yes.) But Heaven kept telling me about them, but I ignored it. I thought, “Oh, I just… Maybe it’s the left side.” You know, there’s angel’s and devil’s side. (Yes.) I thought my so-called disciples cannot do anything wrong. And I did not see anything bad, about them. There’re helping and seemed to be OK.

Oh, my God. I was just hoping they would change. (Yes, Master.) I said to Heaven, “Wouldn’t it be better if You enlighten them instead? (Yes.) Instead of getting rid of?” They said, “We cannot change these. (Oh.) Not these ones. (Wow.) He will not change. (Oh.) She or he will not change. He came in just for that.” Three times tried, three times failed. (Oh.)

Because of Good Love. (Oh.) Thank you, Good Love. I love him forever. (Yes. Thank God.) I told you already. That was just for one person, that one. There are others as well. (Wow. Oh.) But we don’t talk about all these negative things. Of course, some so-called disciples are bad since time immemorial already. (Yes, Master.) Not just in my fold. (Right.) Alright. So, that is that.

And those who are initiated by anybody else, for example my so-called disciple, came out and, broke out and initiated other people by himself without letting me know. Like last time I told you? (Yes, Master.) These people don’t have any Master with them. (Yes. Right.) The ones that are initiated second hand by these break-out people, break-out so-called disciples, they don’t have any Master with them. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Not only that, from himself also will be taken away; the Master and the Love will be taken away from him. He’ll become vulnerable. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And then, will go to hell later.

Oh, my God. People just think, “It looks so easy. Master initiates, She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t do anything special. She just tells them, ‘Sit there and be quiet. That’s all. Don’t move for a while.’ And then She just sits there also with them, or She walks around a little bit, to help somebody – touches this person on the head, touches that person on the toe maybe, and that’s it. We can do that.” Then become a master. He even calls himself “master.” (Oh, no.) I mean, he addresses himself to others as master.

These two people, and several more somewhere else. I’m too lazy to talk about it. But they don’t know they’re harming themselves and people. And people believe that they’re protected by Master power inside. They are not! (Right, Master.) Because it’s not plugged in. (Yes. Right.) Just like I told you, you have the phone, but if you don’t plug it in, it doesn’t work. (Exactly. Yes.) Or you don’t pay for your mobile phone, then it will just go blank. (Right. Yes.) Alright.

So, I don’t know what else I can tell you about initiation. If anybody can be initiated and can give initiation, then one Master is enough. (Right. Yes, Master.) Or if anybody, all people can have initiation, then one Master can initiate everybody. (Yes.) And all of Her disciples can initiate everybody. It’s not like that. It’s not like that. (Yes.)

Before initiation, they report to me. (Yes, Master.) And then I choose who to accept or not. (Right. I see.) Even if I’m not nearby, they can call me. They send to me, through internet or telephone. So, if anybody just breaks out and becomes by themselves master like that, just because it looks easy – it’s not like that, no! (Yes. Yes, Master.) No! You don’t play with invisible power; you can’t have it. You don’t. (Right.) It’s not the outside. (Yes. Exactly.) It’s not the Master’s action, it is the inside power, the Universal power that She houses. (Yes, Master. Yes, right.) Oh, man.

It’s just like, you have a passport then you can go through customs (Yes, Master.) at the airport or at the seaport somewhere; and the passport has the governmental permission. (Right. Yes.) And if you make a similar one… some people make fake passports; (Yes.) they will be detected. (That’s right. Yes.) And then will be sent back home. (Yes. That’s right.) Not even that – may go to jail (Yes. Right.) and lose freedom, and lose many other rights and privileges. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Similarly, anybody who tries to imitate a real Master and give initiation without Heaven’s permission or Master’s permission, then it’s like that – it’s empty. It’s nothing. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is. And also, you harm yourself. (Right.) You will go to jail, universal jail; that is called hell. (Yes.)

Alright. So, anything else you want to know about initiation? Anything else you think you want to ask? (I think it’s clear, Master.) OK. (Thank You.)

Alright, if nothing more, then I have to continue my work. It’s a lot of work today, too much work. (Oh. OK, Master.) But your questions are always priority if I can make it, because it’s also concerning everyone else on the planet. (Thank You, Master.)

Alright, my love, ciao and God bless. (Ciao, Master. Bye, Master. God bless, Master. We love you, Master.) Always remember there is a Master watching you, so don’t do anything bad. Well, you can’t, in your little environment you can’t do much. Working so hard, no time to do bad things, no time to even think. (Yes, Master.) If you want to change your mind, you have to go outside of your environment to change. Inside is too crowded, inside your little environment. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) You have to work a lot. But you are OK right? (Yes, we are, Master. We’re OK. Thank You very much.)

Try to regulate your sleeping time and whatever, (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I cannot, sometimes I cannot, I cannot regulate it. If there’s work, I have to do, I have to work. Because of the timing. (Yes, Master.) We cannot say tomorrow or next week. (That’s right.) There’s no mañana (tomorrow) in our group, because of the time, the time we have till airing.

Alright, my love. Ciao. Thank you all. (Thank you, Master. Please take care, Master.) Thank you all – the inhouse and also the outhouse and the remote and the not-remote, whoever helps in any way with Supreme Master Television. God bless you. Your merit is immense. Ciao for now. (Ciao, Master.) Love you. (Love You too, Master.)

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