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Big Powers Did Not Keep Their Promise to Ukraine (Ureign), Part 3 of 5, Mar. 21, 2022

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Oh, God, what a time, what a time. Oh, God, what a time. We could have had peace and paradise on Earth. (Yes.) We could have. Because God gives enough food and everything for everyone on the planet. So, we can have enough food, enough clothing, enough comfort, to live a very peaceful and happy life. (Yes.) We lack nothing, but we destroy them, we damage them, we ruin all kinds of good things that benefit us.

Nowadays, the free world is even also controlled by evil. That’s the problem. (Right. Yes.) Tell them to give up all their defense systems, and then use that to scare them into submission. Tell them to give up all nuclear weapons and then have the nuclear weapons themselves, and then scare them into submission. (Yes, Master.) Came into their country and loot their homes and kill their people. That’s not right, you can see that’s evil force. (Yes, Master. Exactly.)

No normal country would do that to another country, (No. No, Master.) that has not even provoked you in any way. (That’s right, Master.) (Yes, right.) This is truly evil. You can see it. (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to believe me or anything. I don’t have to prove it. They prove it themselves that they are devils, they are evil, by their deeds, by their wicked and vicious actions; going into another country and killing innocent people, women and children. (Yes, that’s right.)

And the world just stands by. And anytime about something serious, a question, they just dodge it. (Yes.) Don’t answer. (That’s correct.) My God. And then, finally helping a little bit with weapons here and there.

But the most important thing, which is the prevention of the use of more weapons, is closing the sky. (That’s right, Master.) So that both sides will not harm each other. (Yes.) Less, at least less. (Right, Master.) Less than if using the air to bomb them. Hiroshima was also bombed with atom bomb, from the air. (Yes. Oh, right.) From the airplane, they dropped it down, right? (Yes.) Because America is so far from Japan, so they cannot do it from home. (Yes, Master.)

I just hope Russia will consider, truly. I just hope people can do something with Putin to not let him have this power to harm his own country. He doesn’t care about Russians also anyway, because he’s a devil. (Right, Master.) He doesn’t care who dies. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

Any normal leader would feel sorry; not want to kill women and children. He doesn’t care. (Yes. Right.) So Russian people also mean nothing to him. He just uses them to consolidate his power only. (Yes, Master. Right.) And then uses them, like use the soldiers, young, innocent people. Now, he even sends teenagers to the war, because probably doesn’t have enough conscripts anymore. (Yes.) He sent these cadets. According to the news, 17-18. (Oh, gosh.) Teenagers. Still learning. Sent them to Ukraine for the war. Probably he doesn’t have enough anymore, or he doesn’t care. You can see that he doesn’t care. (Right, Master.)

"Media Report from Fox News – Mar. 15, 2022 Mr. Goncharenko (m): So, there were three bombings today. I was in the place of all three bombings. Three civilians were killed, 14 were injured, and these were just civilian areas. A civilian building, a residential building with more than 100 apartments there, just 100 meters from a school, just across a road in the center of the city, where just one passing man was killed accidentally, absolutely. So, Putin is not looking for military targets. He’s just attacking civilians, and just making terror now in Ukraine. So that’s why it’s so important for us to have a possibility to defend our women and children like it was in Mariupol. Yes, this pregnant woman, she died with an unborn child, and that is so awful. And that is something we could prevent if Ukraine already would have this aircraft, air defense just to protect our skies."

All the time up to now, if he cared about women, children or refugees who run on the street, then he wouldn’t have bombed them. (True.) He even bombed a theatre, he bombed a hospital, he bombed a maternity ward, all kinds of things that he bombed, that have nothing to do with the war, nothing to do with Russia. They had nothing to do with Russia anyway to begin with. (Yes, Master.) He just makes all kinds of lies to come in and to rob people of their lives and their properties and their peace. (Yes.)

"Media Report from BBC News – Mar. 22, 2022 Father (m): God, why would you bring this all upon me? My lovely girls, I failed to protect you. I ran up to my granddaughter and I’m screaming, 'Dominica, Dominica.' But there she lies. I then rush to Natasha, grabbing whatever I can find, a scarf to bandage her legs. My lovely girls, I failed to protect you."

My God. I’m shaking inside with anguish. I was hungry, and I thought I would prepare food for myself, and then it tasted like cement. (Oh.) Truly like that. I was thinking to myself, “Why is that? What’s wrong?” (Yes.) And I asked, why the food doesn’t taste good? I asked Heavens, but nobody answered me. (Wow.)

I still don’t taste anything now. The water or anything, tastes like nothing. (Oh.) I worry so much for the world. (Yes, Master.) I really worry so much, but what to do? Humans, they have to change then. (Yes, Master.) I’m alone, and cannot do too much. I can stop some disasters here and there, but not continuously like that. And how long will I live to continue doing this; continue helping? (Yes, Master.) I’m an old woman already.

And sometimes I’m not allowed to even help. In some areas, or some countries, the karma is too heavy. I wanted to help but Heaven just came and stopped me. (Oh, wow.) Just sent someone to stop me. They even bite my hands and feet. (Oh, gosh.) Like a prisoner, like a criminal. They take me by the leg and throw me around. You have no idea. (Oh, Master.) And that was just a second effect of the real punishment; the second effect that the physical body can feel. (Oh, gosh.) The real punishment is worse than that. (Oh, Master.) (Oh, no.)

Oh, God, what a time, what a time. Oh, God, what a time. We could have had peace and paradise on Earth. (Yes.) We could have. Because God gives enough food and everything for everyone on the planet. So, we can have enough food, enough clothing, enough comfort, to live a very peaceful and happy life. (Yes.) We lack nothing, but we destroy them, we damage them, we ruin all kinds of good things that benefit us.

And now, he (Putin) even threatens chemical warfare and nuclear as well, for no reason whatsoever. (Yes, Master.) Just for power. Just for sadistic satisfaction. You can see that. You can see this guy, he enjoys people’s suffering. He enjoys killing. So he must be a devil incarnate. (Yes, absolutely, Master. Yes.)

And I don’t know why the Russian people still don’t do anything. (Yes.) Just bring him to the asylum, lock him in. That’s all. It’s not difficult. Is it? (No, Master.) They don’t even have to kill him. Just bring him to the asylum, maybe heal him, maybe can beat the devil out of him. (Yes.) Then he will be a better person. At least he has no more power to kill, to maim, to handicap children and women and elderly, and all the innocent. Even men. They are innocent also. (Yes.) They have never provoked Russia. (Yes, Master.) (That’s true, Master. True.)

This is like a very bad ex-husband. Already went out of the relationship and still wants to control the ex-wife. (Yes.) And she did not even do anything. She did not even provoke him. (Yes, Master.) This type, but on the larger scale, and making people suffer so much. Don’t care who dies, who lives. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) You can see that by the war in Ukraine with Putin. (Right. Yes.)

"Media Report from MSNBC – March 21, 2022 Katty Kay: The potential for escalation is still very powerful on the Russian side. I had a conversation with a couple of European diplomats this weekend. There are real concerns that they use one and possibly two tactical nuclear weapons in the course of the next couple of weeks within Ukraine.

David Ignatius: I fear that this next period is going to be even bloodier and more difficult. What I hear is that the Russians are now escalating. They are escalating in Ukraine. They’re escalating at home. The level of arrests in Russia is extraordinary. The fear is that they’re going to escalate also in (other) domains, in attacks that could spread to NATO countries."

He doesn’t care, he has his bunkers somewhere. He has already moved his family somewhere, I heard, in case of nuclear war. (Yes, Master. Yes.) He probably is there already, watching TV, watching the unfolding war in Ukraine and smiling gleefully. Seeing people suffering, that satisfies his devil’s mind.

And probably maya is praising him, making him kill more. (Oh. My God! Oh, gosh.) Killing babies so the zealous ghosts can eat them. Women, children – they can eat them. (Yes, Master.) They can eat almost anybody, of course, but they like children. (God.) They like to eat children. I don’t know why. (Yuck.)

Just like humans, some prefer to eat younger cow-people, or piglings. (Yes, Master.) Some of us are similar to them. Very similar. Don’t you think? (Yes, Master.) That’s how the war broke out, that’s how we have trouble, that’s how we have disasters, and all that. Because we are inviting it Somehow, (Yes.) by ignorance, by doing things that are not according to all the Universal standards. (That’s right.)

We don’t live alone in the Universe. We live with other beings, and we don’t behave well. We oppress others, the weaker and more gentle race of beings, like the animal-people. And that’s how we have all these disasters and wars upon ourselves. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

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