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Understanding the Imminent Threats of Global Warming: Interview with Dr. Emma Haziza (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Dr. Emma Haziza is a respected hydrological and climate change scientist from France. She is the Founder and President of Mayane, a research center that assesses the water-related risks associated with climate change and develops strategies for mitigating their impacts.

“The world is in the process of shifting to a new climate. We have to be aware of this because we can no longer model the rainfall we used to have. We'll have to model these mega-floods.” In 2021, global warming caused unprecedented amounts of rainfall and flooding in Europe, China, Au Lac (Vietnam), Sri Lanka, Canada, India, Colombia, and many other countries.

However, other parts of the world experienced widespread droughts. One of the gravest risks of drought is uncontrollable wildfires. Dr. Haziza cites the unprecedented fires in California, USA, where the drought during 2021 was the most extreme in the state’s 126-year history of record keeping. “So, in fact, this agricultural state is suffering as it has never suffered before. We have always had variability, with several years of drought. What we are experiencing here has nothing to do with that. We're on these mega-fires, zombie fires, which go directly under the peat, and therefore, in fact, moving forward, difficult to be controlled.”

“If we don't understand that we have entered a new era of extreme climate, it’s here and now that it's happening, we're indeed completely missing out.”

“And you have these big mechanical machines, which are going to exploit, at all costs, not to mention the pesticides that we find in our rivers. So, we can see that we are in a system, where the soils are extremely poor the slightest rain will come and wash the soils. And so, in fact we are going to have gigantic soil losses, accelerated by the fact that we've, removed all the vegetation and all the shrubs.”

Numerous scientific studies show that raising animal-people for our so-called “food” is the major cause of deforestation, soil degradation, water pollution, overuse of resources, and other problems.
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