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Zoonotic Diseases: Nature’s Self-Defense, Part 1 of 2

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“Through COVID-19 the planet has delivered its strongest warning yet that we must change our ways. Human activity has altered virtually every part of the land. As we displace the natural world, we’re destroying vital ecosystems and the biodiversity that thrives on them. We are causing climate change, harming our ability to feed ourselves, opening the door to new illnesses such as COVID-19. It’s time to listen to the planet’s warnings.” 
“To care for humanity, we MUST care for nature. We need our entire global community to change course. Let’s rethink what we buy and use. Adopt sustainable habits, farming, and business models. Safeguard remaining wild spaces and wildlife. And commit to a green and resilient future. As we work to build back better, let’s put nature where it belongs -- at the heart of our decision making.” 
“Because these infectious diseases or infectious agents are stored deep inside our wilderness. It is nature’s defense weaponry. She would release it as new pathogens that we call when we cross our limits. So, when we raise the threshold of the biodiversity loss, these pathogens – these new pathogens are emergent pathogens – are going to be released. So, it all depends on our actions. A large number of studies have shown that pathogens are in a state of undiluted equilibrium in the complex stable and undisturbed ecosystem. So, if the ecosystem remains in that state, which is undisturbed, stable, and complex, then nothing is going to happen. We are perfectly safe.” 
“So, in one sense COVID-19 or any other emerging zoonotic diseases is nothing but nature’s retribution. Mind that, just like the case of hornets and snakes, it’s not a deliberate murdering, you see? These zoonotic diseases are nothing but nature’s own self-defense strategy; not (an) offense, but it’s (a) defense.”
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