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Extreme Weather: The Latest Global Climate Disasters, Part 1 of 2

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This year in Africa, more than 1.21 million people in 12 different countries were affected by heavy rainfall and flooding. The following is a summary of the floods’ consequences in Africa between June and October 2020. Floods in Democratic Republic of Congo had resulted in at least 15 fatalities and thousands of people were affected. Floods in Tunisia, Ghana, Uganda and Burkina Faso had caused at least 15 fatalities and thousands had been affected. Floods in Sudan, South Sudan, Benin, Chad and Nigeria had resulted in at least 421 fatalities and over one million were affected. Floods in Ethiopia and Niger had caused at least 68 fatalities and over 600,000 people were affected. Floods in Somalia had caused at least 6 fatalities and over 150,000 people were affected.
Meanwhile, in California, USA massive wildfires have raged across the state since August, being responsible for 31 deaths, destroying more than 8,687 structures, and driving thousands of people from their homes. By mid-September 2020, the damage caused by the wildfires had become the worst in the state’s history, with an estimated economic toll of more than US$20 billion.
Supreme Master Ching Hai often speaks about the many dangers arising from climate change and reminds us about the fastest and easiest way to halt it. “I think people should see these disasters as a warning. It’s a sign of warning, telling us, ‘Wake up! Wake up! Wake up quickly!’”
“We should choose the nobler and more virtuous path. We should look for enlightenment. It’s because only when we are enlightened can we use our inner almighty power. This almighty power is the so-called God, or Buddha Nature. Only this almighty power can direct us to the right way which will lead us further and further away from these disasters and all the suffering.” “Second, we have to protect other people’s lives. We have to protect other people’s lives and other animals’ lives so that we can protect the lives of ourselves, our relatives and friends. If we truly seek enlightenment and choose the noble and virtuous way of life, and walk in this direction, all natural disasters will disappear. And we will find Heaven on Earth.”

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