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Blue light-blocking glasses can help filter out the harmful rays from computer screens

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Dear Supreme Master TV team, Firstly, I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team as well as the remote workers from all over the world for their outstanding work and the authentic TV channel. I feel confident to say that Supreme Master Television is the most original and positive channel in the whole Universe.

I would like to offer a tip to our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai concerning the computer’s blue light which is a short wavelength light. It can harm one’s retinas, cause eyestrain and headaches, or even affect one’s sleep. The brightness can be adjusted in Windows by going to Settings > System > Display, and then by moving the Change Brightness slider to adjust the brightness.

In one of Master’s conferences with the Supreme Master TV team, Master mentioned that the screen’s brightness made it challenging for Her to read “The Story of Confucius and Xiang Tuo.” Blue light-blocking glasses or clip-on ones can help filter out the harmful rays from the computer screen. It might be beneficial for Master to have a couple of these types of glasses available on occasions where Master needs to have the computer screen nearer to Her.

May our most precious Supreme Master Ching Hai be always protected by the Mighty Godses and benevolent Cosmic Beings, enabling Master to accomplish Her mission at this time on Earth. With much Love, Juliana from Brazil

Dear Master, I have a recommendation for eyeglasses that will help You when working on a computer for a long period of time. There is a line of blue light-blocking eyeglasses that will block harmful blue light from computer screens and protect Your eyes from being strained. This works wonders for me because I work on the computer constantly with my job. While staring at the screen, our bodies act as if it is still daytime outside and this will affect our ability to relax and rest. I hope this technology can help Master alleviate some eyestrain problems. Jayden from the United States

Thoughtful Julianna and Jayden, Our appreciation to you for your kind messages. Thank you for your concern for Beloved Master’s health and well-being as well as the recommendations. Many people will also benefit from this knowledge of how to protect themselves from the harmful effects of blue light. May God forever shield you both and your respective lively nations of Brazil and the United States, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master sends a note to you both: “Loving Julianna and Jayden, I am so glad to receive your advice. You are so right, as my eyes do hurt often, perhaps due to over reading and kinda blurry while reading the text on a computer screen. Many thanks for thinking of me and for your helpful information. I will look into getting these types of glasses as I am on the computer daily, usually deep into the night in order to have work done. Your thoughtfulness touches my heart. I am so immersed in work that I do not have enough time to think of or to research the ways to best protect myself when working with computers. Will ask to get the glasses for team members who don’t have, and for me too. Hoping viewers will take note and spread this info for all to take care of themselves. Thank you so much for your love and support. May God always bless and watch over you and your great countries of Brazil and the United States.”
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