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Proper Emotion Management Makes Us Healthier

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Emotions not only influence our quality of life but also affect our physical and mental health. Positive feelings like happiness and satisfaction can stimulate our creativity, and enhance our empathy, thus encouraging us to assist others. When encountering setbacks or pressure, we may have negative feelings, such as anxiety and frustration, which impact our bodies, by causing our blood pressure to rise as well as heartburn and other ailments to be experienced. The emergence of negative feelings can mean that some of our needs or sentiments are ignored. Expressing our repressed feelings allows us a chance to reflect on ourselves and remind us to examine things with a more positive attitude. We can seek support and advice to dissolve the dissatisfactions in our hearts. If we are feeling down, we can think of things that make us happy, the people that we’d like to thank, or do something we like, such as listening to music, exercising, meditating, or practicing yoga. Even just breathing a few times deeply can make us feel relaxed and pacified emotionally. “Don’t stop your anger or hurtful feeling. Just go through it and quickly, with no resentment and heal it after. Anger, hurt, pain is the natural feeling of physical elements. It’s just you don’t know how to handle anger, that is the problem. Okay? If somebody hurts you, of course you feel hurt. You are not a wooden table. And when people provoke you unreasonably, or you think that they provoke you, you are bound to be angry, and that is all right. But we must understand, the nature of anger is not very constructive most of the time. So if we have to be angry, get it over with. Don’t try to suppress too much your anger. You’ll be sick. You’ll be crazy. It’s a natural feeling. Don’t carry it too long; you’ll drown yourself in anger. It’s no good for yourself and for the party involved. Get angry, talk. You don’t have to be sarcastic or hurtful when you talk. Just air your view and tell them that they made you angry because, because, because... And you wish that in the future it doesn’t happen again because you are not... going to tolerate it again. Air your view, finish, and love each other again. That’s what I think. But we just know, the anger, the quality and the real face of anger, and we’re in control of it, and don’t let the anger be our master. Anger suppressed can make you ill physically. So don’t hurt yourself more by swallowing the poisonous anger within you. Spit it out in a proper way.”
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