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Between Master and Disciples

The Spiritual Alphabet, Part 3 of 7, Jan. 7, 2006

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You have to have Faith, and then you have not only Freedom, but everything else. Enlightened, Faith. “G” for God. (Yes!) That’s for sure. “H” for Heaven.

Almighty, everyone will understand, right? “B” Buddha, everybody understands. “C” like Christ, everybody understands. “D” Divine, everybody understands. We try to make it spiritual, but also mostly so people understand and all that. “E” Enlightened. Enlightenment is fine, or Enlightened is OK. Enlightenment is good.

“F” for Freedom. (Freedom.) (Faith.) Huh? (Faith.) Faith. (Faith.) (Freedom.) Faith, huh? Faith is good. Is Freedom better? (Freedom!) Faith, will anybody understand? (Yes. Freedom! Freedom is good.) Freedom? (Freedom!) Freedom, they might think you want to make a revolution. (Great Faith.) Huh? (Faith.) Faith? Freedom can be also spiritual. Freedom, I understand, but it sounds more a little bit like the guerrilla. What? (Forgiveness is the same. Forgiveness.) Ah, it is too mundane. (Faith!) Faith. OK, Faith.

Faith or Freedom? Either, huh? (Not without Freedom.) Faith? Freedom? How many Freedom? Raise hand! How many Faith? Raise hand! Who wins? (Same!) Faith? (The same!) OK, how (is it) to say, “Freedom-Faith”? Freedom to have Faith. Faith, Freedom! For Faith, free! Faith is free, free of charge. What? OK, Faith, huh? (Yes.) Do they understand it? I mean, people can hear it right away? (Yes.)

(I think Freedom and Faith... Faith, I think people, I don’t know, maybe have got a lack of it these days. So, Freedom is more... bigger.) Big, huh? (Yes, from a world standpoint.) (It’s the vibration.) (Yes.) (He talks about ordinary people.) We don’t want too much world standpoint. (We must have Faith first before we have Freedom.) Faith, yeah, of course. Yeah, the cart before the ox. Faith is good. Because it’s more consistent, that’s right. Buddha, God and all that. You know, Faith... You have to have Faith, and then you have not only Freedom, but everything else. Enlightened, Faith. “G” for God. (Yes!) That’s for sure. “H” for Heaven.

“I” for... for something else? (Initiation.) More than just Initiation. Anything else? (Idea.) (Infinite!) Infinite, good! It’s more international, more universal. OK. Infinite.

Some people say, “In-finite.” Which one is it? (Infinite!) Yeah, I don’t know. Some people say, “In-finite.” That’s it. I say, “Since when?” It’s terrible. Really! Some people say, “In-finite.” Believe me or not. Maybe the... (It’s the Americans.) (The Americans, yes.) (They like two things.) Definite... but In-finite! It’s definitely “in-finite!” It’s the same word! I don’t know what they’re doing. Never mind! So for us, Infinite, OK? (Yes.)

“J” for Joy. Is that good enough? Or anything else? (Joy! Joyous!) Joy is good? (Yes!) Anything else, like Job? (No.) Jogging? Joke? (Jesus!) Jesus? (Yes!) Yeah, we have Buddha, and now we have Jesus. It’s cool. Oh, but we have Christ already, forget it, no! They’ll get jealous. Jesus two, and Buddha only one, no good! Christ is Jesus also, because when... It’s a power, but when they say Christ, they think of Jesus. It’s the same. He can’t have two names, it’s too much, man! Anything else, like Jehovah? “J” for what? (Joyous!) (Joy is good.) (Joyful! Joy!) Joy? (Joy.) (Joyful.) For Joy, OK! Jesus is also nice, but then some others maybe don’t like it.

Is there anything for other religions in here? The Jain religion, Jain, but people don’t understand. They might think it’s a “chain,” like now. Trouble, trouble! It has to be something that cannot be mistaken for something else. That’s why the code, it has to be clear. (Joy. Jerusalem.) Jerusalem. (But that goes back to Jesus and Christ.) (Master, the Jah. The Rastafarian God.) J-A-H, Jah? (Yes. It’s the Rastafarian God.) It will be difficult for people. (Joy is good.) Too difficult! We are trying but if it’s too difficult, we keep the easy one.

(Everybody knows Reggae. It’s mentioned in every Reggae - Jah!) (I’ve never heard of that.) I never heard of that... Jah! It’s like, beating the horse, “Jah!” That’ll be difficult, difficult for most people to identify. So, we make it spiritual and fun, but in the meantime, also has to be more popular. (Journey.) Journey, no. (Genie!) Genius! Genie! (Jewel.) Jewel... No. (Joy is good! Joy!) Jewish! (We keep Jesus, and we think about what starts with “C.”) Up there, no. I even took Ching Hai out to put Christ in it. (You could put Jesus and Ching Hai.) Ah, OK, OK. How about that? (Yes!) Jesus? (And Ching Hai.) Jesus and Ching Hai. (Yes!) OK, OK. Buddha gets jealous now. It’s His problem! How many agree, “C” for Ching Hai? OK, we win for sure! He’s only one; we are many! We win! We won! Oh, hurrah! It’s just for now, until we think of some... OK, because Jesus is nice. Ching Hai, I’m not sure, but Jesus is nice. OK!

“K” for Kindness, huh? Otherwise, we have Kingdom. But people might think kingdom of animals, also! You know, animal kingdom or kingdom of hell, whatever though. Kingdom of God is too long. (Kindness!) Kindness? (Kindness!) Kindness? Kindness, OK! “L” for Love, that’s for sure. “M” for Master. (Yes!) “N” Noble. “O” Omnipresent. People understand that? (Yes!) They know how to spell it? Anything else? Like, more... Anything similar? (Obedient.) Hmm? (Obedient.) Forget it, baby! Whom are you talking about? Obedient! She’s dreaming... Like in a cloister or something. Obedient... Jesus! Sounds like a nunnery. Omnipresent!

“P” for Peace. Peace! (Yes.) “Q” for Quan Yin. If people ask, say “Quan Yin Bodhisattva.” “Q,” but mostly they spell with “K,” K-U. (I saw it with K.) Yeah, I know, I know. They don’t know how to spell, because She is a foreigner. Quan Yin is a foreigner. So, Quan Yin. OK. “Q” for Quan Yin. Quan Yin for us. If they don’t know how to spell, then say with a “Q.” “Q-U.” We have fun, you know? Just have fun with you.

“R” for Radiance is OK? Is there anything else better than that? (Regal.) Regal. Oh, that’s... it’s fine. (Radiance.) Radiate, Radiance. Radiance is... definitely means something spiritual, right? (Yes!) Not like a battery... How do you say? There’s something else? Not Radiance, but something else similar. (Rainbow?) Oh, nice, nice. Rainbow, good? Or Radiance is better? (Radiance!) Radiance! Oh, you guys are really conservative. Radiance? Not Rainbow? (Rainbow.) Rainbow? (Rainbow!) I’ll put two here, and see which one wins, OK? Rainbow is also nice. Yes? (Yes.) (In the magazine, the old Indian woman, she mentioned something in our magazine about the Rainbow Warriors or something, in the article, and that refers to the Quan Yin group. Maybe that one?) It’s OK. Thank you. Rainbow is very nice, huh? (Yes.) It’s joyful. But Radiance is more spiritual, that’s it. “S” for Supreme, huh? (Yes.) “T” for Truth, OK.

Rainbow...Radiance... How many Radiance, raise hand! (How about Reflection?) Reflection of what? It’s fine, but it’s not clear enough. It’s not clear enough. We try to make it clear, spiritual, and simple for people to understand. Radiance... Radiance is nice. Radiance can be also mundane, right? Like, she has a radiant beauty or something like that. (Master, somebody said Reverence.) Reverence, yeah, I was thinking of that. (Reality.) What? (Reality.) (Radiance is beautiful.) (Radiance is fine.) (Radiance!) (Radiance, because it reminds me of You!) How many Radiance? How many Rainbow? Whoa! OK, Rainbow then. (Yes!)

Supreme, OK? (Yes.) Anything else? Supermarket or something else? (Sunshine.) (Soul?) “T” for Two? [Tea for two!] “T” for Tooth! “T” for Two, right? Truth, OK! Unity. Unity is good? (Yes!) Unity with God, right? (Yes!) Unity, good. “V” Virtue! Will any common people understand that right away? (Yes.) “W” Wisdom! Everybody knows, right? (Yes.)

“X” for Xer-xer-xer-xer-xes! You’ve got to work with them. They say something else like... (It’s not very clear.) Huh? (That word is quite a tongue twister.) Yeah, I know, I know. (Master, “S” for Saint, maybe?) No, “X,” baby! Where are you? Is there anything like... (There is a word called Xenophilia.) “Z”? (Xenophilia.) “X”? (X-E-N-O....) What is that? (It means love of foreigners.) What? (Love of foreigners.) (Love of foreigners.) Love of foreigners, oh... (Yes. I know it’s not useful, but...) A lot of people don’t know how… They don’t recognize it, that’s the problem. So, X-ray is the thing people understand most. (Yes.) It’s just that it’s not... (X-ray is an international one.) Yeah, just it’s not what we were looking for. We could use that if we are short of anything else.

(Couldn’t we use X-Factor, Master?) But what is X-Factor? X-File? (X-Factor.) What does that mean? (We have a program on TV, they look for special people who have special qualities.) OK, OK. I know. But is there such a word like that, or it’s just a program? (Yes, just a program. It’s a meaning...) Different, different. (Also X-Files.) (X-Files.) X-Files! UFO, Aliens! People might think, “What is X-Files?” Problem! We’ll think about that. Meanwhile, we keep Xerxes.

“Y” for Yoga is OK. “Z” for Zen. (Yes.) All right. We will think about that. Somebody types it, and then maybe everybody learns our code. (Yes!) (Then we have to put it in the magazine.) Yeah, print on the magazine. But you have to... Oh, my God, can you even read it?

(Could You have “Example”?) No, honey, that’s with “E.” That’s the thing. Or maybe we’ll think about something like that. Just type it out nicely, so we can see what else to improve. (You have this instrument, the xylophone.) (Xylophone!) Xylophone, it’s not spiritual. Otherwise, we’d use X-ray. (It’s a sound.) What is that? (It’s a sound. It’s a nice sound.) (But X-ray is light.) Yeah! (I think X-ray is good, because You always see through us, Master!) OK, OK! Maybe. I use X-ray! X-ray, see through, right? (Yes.) At least it’s some light, right? (Yes, yes!) OK. Oh, man! So the god has to go! Sorry! X-ray then, OK? Remind you of transparency.

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