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Reverend Father Robert Culat (vegetarian) – Voice of Awakening for the Animals, Part 3 of 4



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Today, Father Robert Culat shares another quote, 221, from the "Laudato Si" 2015 calling all Christians to make the explicit change and to live in harmony with our animal friends and the surroundings.

“A last passage is the number 221, ‘I ask,’ here is the Pope’s call, ‘I ask all Christians to recognize and to live fully this dimension of their conversion,’ to recognize and to live fully. ‘May the power and the light of the grace we have received also be evident in our relationship to other creatures’ so to animals, ‘and to the world around us [In this way,] we will help nurture that sublime fraternity,’ sublime fraternity, just now we had universal communion, it seems to me, yes, universal communion, now ‘sublime fraternity, with all creation which Saint Francis of Assisi so radiantly embodied.’"

“In this verse [29], God says, it’s all good, I created animals, I created fishes, I created man and woman, but it’s necessary that I give them food. There we see in these two verses that God gives as much to animals as to man and to women a diet that today, with today’s words obviously, the Bible does not have these words, it would be an anachronism, but today one calls it a vegan diet. That is to say that God clearly says, you will eat fruits, seeds, vegetables, and therefore you will not kill animals to feed you, it’s not my will, it’s not in the program.”

“And there indeed, there is the very beautiful idea in Paul that the salvation brought by Christ is cosmological, that is that ultimately it is the salvation of the whole creation, and not only of man and woman. Because if you want classically in Christian theology, and here there is obviously a logic, animals have not sinned, animals are innocent. It is only man and woman who sin and who have sinned.”

“But I think the Pope goes further, he advances this doctrine in conformity with Saint Paul, because this is what he says, ‘The ultimate purpose of other creatures is not to be found in us. Rather they all move forward with us and through us.’"

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