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The Wisdom Eye – The Most Mystical Chakra: Selections from “Coloring Our Lives” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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The Source of Eternal Happiness “The only source of happiness is inside. So whenever you meditate, try to get in touch with that source. It’s only one little center inside the so-called brain. It’s there, physically inside the brain. Every little nerve and center is responsible for something in our being — psychologically, emotionally and physically. And another one is spiritually responsible for our enlightenment and eternal happiness. There is a little center, almost in the middle of the brain physically. From here (Master points to the middle of Her forehead) and here (the top of the head) go inward into two-thirds of the head. The wisdom eye center must be there, really inside. So when you look with the wisdom eye, it means you are trying to make contact with that center. Even just sometimes, when you make contact there, in just a matter of seconds you immediately feel different.”

“Always, always, be attentive; otherwise, it’s easy to just pass a day, pass two days, pass three days, pass your whole life in self-illusion, in bad habits, and not get into a higher level of consciousness, not be able to understand the deeper meaning of spiritual life.”

Always Focus on the Wisdom Eye “If you’re already thinking of the wisdom eye, that means you yourself are reminded of the spiritual center of wisdom and enlightenment. And, if you yourself remember that, of course your atmosphere will be spiritual. So that person will of course benefit from you. It’s just like standing next to a fountain: Even though you don’t jump directly into it, some water will sprinkle on your face and make you feel cool. Similarly, if you stand next to a person who’s spraying perfume, even though you don’t spray it on yourself, you will still have some scent on you. So you’re important. Whatever you are is what the other person will receive. That’s why, whenever we remember anything about the spiritual center, about our true Self, the person next to us will benefit. That’s how it works.”

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