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Greening French Cuisine with Chef Sébastien Kardinal (vegan), Part 1 of 2



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On today’s program, we are delighted to introduce the very active, high-profile French vegan chef, food critic, videographer, and author of numerous vegan cookbooks, Sébastien Kardinal. Mr. Kardinal is also a devoted vegan activist who tirelessly protects the lives of animals through his vegan cooking classes, video demonstrations, and as a food critic of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in France.

A vegetarian since 1986, Sébastien has been creating plant-based recipes for over 20 years. Sébastien switched from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle after he met his partner, Laura, in 2007. Sébastien and his partner, Laura, wanted to do even more to promote the noble, compassionate vegan lifestyle. Together, they co-founded, an influential vegan website, providing critiques of restaurants, identifying places to shop for plant-based ingredients, and, of course, sharing latest recipes that they have invented. Then, in 2018, Sébastien started his own YouTube Channel.

His book, “À la Française: La Tradition Façon Vegan” or “French Style: Vegan Tradition” combines traditional French gastronomy with vegan cuisine. A Bourguignon or a Blanquette without animal products? Yes, it is possible, delicious and easy! Sébastien offers excellent ways to preserve the spirit of traditional recipes, while making them in a benevolent way, eliminating cruelty to sentient beings and protecting the environment. In his book, “100 Ideas to Replace Meat,” Sébastien shows readers how to create delicious vegan versions of chorizo, ham, steak, and chicken nuggets. There are also delicious dishes which are full of surprises, such as vegan oriental meatballs, chick'in with ginger, and mini burgers sautéed with onions.

In the book, “My Little Vegan Creamery,” Mr. Kardinal introduces simple ways to make vegan alternatives for many kinds of dairy products. Using nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, etc.), combined with fermentation techniques, Sébastien creates delectable vegan butters and creams, as well as many types of vegan cheeses, including feta, ricotta, and mozzarella. His wonderful recipes convey the clear message that we can still enjoy the French culinary traditions while maintaining the noble, compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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