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Esther Bertram (Vegan) - CEO & Creative Entrepreneur - Reconnecting with Our Innate Nature and Bridging Communities Through Veganism, Part 1 of 2

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Esther, a vegan, dedicates her artistic talents as an author, musician, Creative Entrepreneur and CEO to spread vegan awareness to children and adults. As the founder of two companies, “Conscious Fiction” and “IN VEGANS WE TRUST,” her messages have been spreading across the globe. Vegans are uniting, helping one another and the world.

Conscious Fiction was founded in 2010 when Esther wrote the young adult book, “November Fox,” about a vegan orphan rock star and her journey across space and time. Esther’s books are infused with ancient wisdoms of holistic wellness combined with today’s modern technology as a means to educate the youth for their mental and emotional development. The mission of Conscious Fiction is “From small seeds, big minds grow,” representing Conscious Fiction’s hope to inspire young generations to be happy, healthy, and live a more fulfilling life.

Esther’s collection of children’s books enables young readers to embrace a consciously loving Earth where they learn to thrive and fulfill their maximum human potential. The stories also instill wisdom, teaching youth about kindness, compassion, and respect towards all creatures. For instance, in “Little Blue Saves the World,” the story opens to a magical world that tells us about the importance of being green and having trees in green spaces for our health and the health of our Planet Earth.

Let’s take a look at her book, “The Crown of Gratitude,” showing the difference between pride and gratitude. The illustrations in Esther’s books are very eye-catching for the purpose of inspiring kids’ visual thinking that helps them better understand the messages communicated. “Sadie The Snail: I’m Happy Being Me” is a sweet and vibrant rhyming book that focuses on the message “I’m happy being me.” One of her most popular vegan books, “The Vegan Alphabet Book,” illustrates a clever way of introducing young children to the wonderful world of delicious vegan food and vegan ethics. Esther is planning a second edition that is releasing soon.
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