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Glenn Ratcliffe (vegan) – The Complete Actor with A Mission, Part 1 of 2

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We are excited to present to you the journey of the accomplished, charismatic and multi-dimensional Hollywood actor, writer, and producer, Glenn Ratcliffe, who has traversed the full spectrum of roles spanning a 30-year career transforming him into the complete actor he is today.

The childhood dream of success as a soccer player was soon shattered when Glenn sustained a broken ankle followed by three more fractures. While living in San Francisco as a construction worker, Glenn was inadvertently asked to attend an “Improv” class that quickly revealed his latent acting abilities. “In the seed of adversity there’s a seed of a gain; there might be something better for someone there, even though they’re so focused on being successful in something. If they don’t do it, it's because maybe there’s a higher calling.”

Over time, with deepening meditation and spiritual exposure, Glenn realized that diet played a fundamental and crucial role in spiritual progress. “The veganism, it’s very important to me because, human nature, you could come back and be reincarnated into an animal, an animal you could be eating could be a human last time. So not only is the meat putrefied when the animal is killed, because it sends a signal to the nervous system that putrefies the meat, and the digestive system can’t digest it. It's killing the body, and it’s lowering your spirituality, and bringing karma upon you.”

While busy fulfilling his Hollywood dreams, a real-life drama intensified his spiritual evolution. On route to the set he was acting on, Glenn was rammed directly side on by a speeding car running a red light. Life, it seems, had abruptly ended as Glenn’s soul began its journey out of the body. “There was a sense of fourth dimensional consciousness, and then I popped into the Sun. And I just expanded in consciousness, for that split second of Godhood. But that one experience had a profound effect of my immortality, because I know when I die, that's where I go into Light.”

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