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Saint Charbel Makhlouf (vegan): Miraculous Lebanese Healing Saint, Part 3 of 4

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Today, we are so honored to have Antonia, one of Saint Charbel Makhlouf’s family relatives, rejoin us and share more stories of the Saint. "Saint Charbel, or Mar Charbel, did not leave any writings, and very little is known about Him because He was an extremely private person. He never spoke. It is well known that when He was sent to attend a sick person, or to give extreme unction, or for the anointing of the sick, or they sent Him to some mass, the habit of the Maronites has a hood – He always went with the hood in this position. And when they asked Him how He had done, He famously answered: 'I went that way and I came this way.' Nothing more. His vow of silence was a very important vow for Him. He did not talk.

A constant in His life was the miracle of light around Him. In fact, when He dies, the peasants begin to see a tremendous light on His grave. So the Father, the abbot of the convent, decides to take care of that, and that is how it is discovered that there is this constant light on Father Charbel’s tomb. And that is when the first opening of His grave is made, and it is found that His body is intact. Then, it will be reopened several times. The tomb is reopened every several years to verify that Father Charbel, Father Charbel’s body is intact, and that He also sweats, and that He is completely soft. And you constantly see this light. So it’s like two big constants: from these events and from His healings.

He (Saint Charbel) is famous; many of His healings became famous during His lifetime: recoveries from physical conditions, but also healings from mental and spiritual conditions, and this continued after His death. After His death, when these prodigies continued, many people began to go to the Convent, to venerate Him, to ask for things from the Saint. Well, the Saint must have His clothes changed. They have to change His clothes because the Saint sweats, His body sweats, so, many of His sweaty clothes are currently on display. In many moments, that sweat has been bloody, and there are many things that are stained with that bloody liquid that exuded from His body. Many of these garments were cut by the monks and handed over as relics. Also, logically, there has been skepticism."

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