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Saint Charbel Makhlouf (vegan): Miraculous Lebanese Healing Saint, Part 4 of 4

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We are honored to continue our interview with Antonia, a Costa Rican-Lebanese and family relative of Saint Charbel Makhlouf, as she shares more stories of the Saint.

"He (Saint Charbel Makhlouf) is known as a thaumaturge, a wonderworker. But perhaps the greatest wonder is that He works miracles and wonders for Christians, yes, but He is highly revered by Muslims, who come to His grave a lot to give thanks for the miracles they have received, and also by atheist people who have received miracles. I suppose they have been converted afterwards, but it is like that. So, perhaps the greatest wonder is this message of unity, of unity with nature, of respect for animals, of respect for creation.

And Saint Charbel always marveled, always since He was a child, and has always amazed others. He has always led them to respect and has always led them to believe, to seek. When you enter the churches where there is an image of Saint Charbel, He is in this position, and lots of colored ribbons hang from His arms. They are the testimonies that people leave of the miracles received. And this is repeated in all the churches around the world.

This humble, most humble monk, from one of the most humble convents in Lebanon, now has a chapel in St. Patrick’s (Cathedral) in New York. And He has chapels all over the world. The influence He leaves for Lebanon and for the world, particularly Lebanon, is a message of unity, of unity in God. There is only one source of Good, there is only one source of Love. God is Love.

Lebanon has a great Christian history, and it has a great Muslim history, and it has a large part of Muslim inhabitants and a large part of Christian inhabitants. And Saint Charbel treats them all the same. He makes no differentiation, and that is, to me, the message for Lebanon: God does not make any differentiations. I do not make differentiations, you cannot make differentiations, because there are none. That’s it. And I believe that this message for Lebanon is also a message for the world."

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