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Food – Way of Life: From “The Law of Nutrition” by Master Beinsa Douno (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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We will now continue with the life-changing text of wisdom by the venerated Master Beinsa Douno on the vital importance of nutrition, and how each specific food that we eat reacts differently in our body. “Depending on what food you eat, this is what you will become. This law is correct in both the physical and the spiritual world. Animal or human blood, shed through violence, cannot but bring bad consequences for man. This is a strict and stern law of nature. Just observe what food one eats. You don’t have to know his nature. It is enough to know what kind of food he eats. When you see what kind of food he eats, you will know what his character is.”

“All the evil, suffered by people, is due to the fact that they eat the apples, without sowing their seeds. They milk the cow, without taking care of it. They milk it, give it some straw and on Sunday they give it some grain – they use the cow. Nature never likes mere use.” “Seventy-five percent of the current sufferings of people are due to that indiscriminate killing of mammals, of animals, which form cataclysms in the mental world, a great quake. The fact that the nervous system is so shaken, is due to the indiscriminate killing of animals by the human race – this race not only kills animals, but also conserves them. They just stay and rot for years.”

“The outrageous slaughtering of animals for food produces a great turmoil in the astral world, the entire atmosphere is disturbed, and we want to be healthy in this situation! For this injustice – for taking their lives, we will suffer a long time.” “All the nervousness, which is observed among men, is due to the slaughtering of mammals. These are millions of creatures, which – when they enter the astral world – they disturb the entire atmosphere, and yet we want to be healthy. All the sicknesses are due to our injustice towards them.”

“All the sicknesses attacking people are due to former or current crimes. Nothings remains unpunished! The germs, now poisoning the human body, are nothing but the poison of fear and hatred, which the cattle, chickens, lambs felt towards the man who killed and butchered them.” “Certain sicknesses, bad thoughts and desires, which occur in you, are caused by certain mammals. In order to be relieved of all these sufferings, you must mellow down your attitudes towards animals.”

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