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Lisa Gawthorne – An Inspirational Vegan Athlete and Entrepreneur, Part 1 of 2

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Lisa Gawthorne is a successful vegan athlete, entrepreneur and author. Lisa is the author of the vegan fitness and health book “Gone in 60 Minutes”. She has placed in the top ten in Duathlon World and European Championships in recent years. In addition, she is the co-owner and joint Managing Director of Bravura Foods, a leading vegan and vegetarian product distribution, marketing and sales company in the United Kingdom. In 2019, Lisa was named by The Grocer in their Plant-based Power List as one of the ten most prominent figures in the UK driving the plant-based market. Today, we are privileged to have Lisa here to share her perspective on how to maintain peak physical condition and stay competitive as a vegan athlete. “Well, I was vegetarian since age six. I am a huge animal lover. I absolutely adore animals, and that’s the heart of everything that I do in life. And so, it was always my intention to eventually move away from dairy.” “Duathlon has really been a great sport for me, because it’s enabled me to combine those loves of running and cycling, and also capitalize on a lot of weight training that I do, because I’ve got a gym.”

“I am probably one of the biggest live wires that you’ll ever meet. I’m full of energy and full of passion, and I honestly put that down to the fact that my diet is so rich in phytonutrients that we get from all of our key vegan food sources. So, I would say that first of all, energy is a massive, massive, advantage that you will have over people that are on carnivorous diets.”

Lisa also shared the effects of “The Game Changers” movie that she has observed. “When it went out on Netflix that first week, it was amazing! It was like a ton of unbelievable calls, emails, voice mails, WhatsApp messages, from people that I never would have thought would have gone either plant-based or vegan.”

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