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“The Noble Wilds”: Exploring Supreme Master Ching Hai’s (vegan) International Best Seller, Part 2 of 5



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One of the “The Noble Wilds” cameramen recalls another instance when Master communicated with a swan who had been chasing the geese away from Amoura Lake. ‟ I remember when Master first called the swan, he came swimming to Her, stopping at a distance of a few meters and staying there, still, for all the time that Master communicated with him. He showed no sign of fear, but of interest. It felt like an exchange, different from our worldly communication – a to and fro of words, more like when you communicate with a dear friend, and it’s about what is happening, what is felt between the lines, the unspoken words, the pictures that arise. From that day on, the swan stopped chasing the geese on the lake. The geese came back and made their nests on that same lake." Master also met Pitu and Sai, a swan couple who made a nest together. ‟ Pitu, I brought you some bread again, honey. You’re a good girl. You’re a very diligent mum-mum. And you’re a vegetarian! So I have to serve you because you’re good-good." ‟The swans, usually, when their babies are just hatched, they are very protective about their babies. But in front of Master, it was not that case. It was like they trusted Her, and that’s how She could get very close to her" ‟Master told me: ‛This swan family consists of beings who came down here from a higher realm.’ According to Master, they were from the Fourth Level Realm. Master said that they are very pure and were always able to connect with Master. Whenever they talked to Master, they always gave Her important messages regarding this world. They loved Master very much. They said that because in this world, Master is very lonely and suffering a lot of pressure and pain from human beings’ karma. They said they wanted to come down here to be close to Master in order to encourage, protect, and take care of Master. When the lady Pitu (female swan) was hatching her eggs, Master pitched a tent nearby in order to look after her and observed the eggs every day as the beautiful and darling cygnets were preparing to come into the world."
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