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“The Noble Wilds”: Exploring Supreme Master Ching Hai’s (vegan) International Best Seller, Part 3 of 5

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Master looked after a wild swan couple, named Pitu and Sai, as they hatched their eggs and began raising their new family. One day, Pitu takes her little swans out for a day of flying. Sai is left behind, and Master quickly realizes why. "The bread doesn’t taste as good as when you are with your family, right, honey?" "It’s true, yeah!" "Thank you for answering, but just keep yourself strong, eat it so you get strong, and then your feathers will grow back, then you can fly with them. Poor Sai cannot fly, because you plucked them to lay the nest, right? You are a good father, you. I am proud of you, Sai Sai! You are a good boy!" "See the difference between their wings. The full-grown wings cover almost all the way, half to the tail, and the ones that are cut in half, it’s not covering anywhere to the tail. You can see the difference. And right now, Sai is not in a position to fly, because his wings are only half. He plucked it and laid on the ground for the children, so he cannot fly anymore. He has to wait for a while." Well, at least you can walk on the water. We humans, many cannot do it. Be happy, too. Yeah, you are happy, that’s cool!" The swans show the utmost loving care and concern for their offspring every day. "When they didn’t have babies yet, just eat and eat and eat. But when they have babies, they sacrifice. Oh, such a touching love. If all can love each other, even half of this, if humans love each other like this, then the world is a paradise." Seeing Master’s deep joy in caring for the animals reminds us that humanity’s true role is to be the protectors of our planet and all the beings on it. And we can also see that whether human or non-human, it’s a lot of work to raise children!
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