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Warning Signs to Help End Climate Change: Locust Swarms, Part 3 of 3

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In late May 2020, a 23-square-kilometer horde of locusts entered Argentina after passing through Paraguay. The insects landed first in the provinces of Santa Fé and Formosa, both of which are essential for agriculture. Millions invaded cities and farms, devouring all the crops in the area in a matter of hours. The locusts were enormous; technicians from the Argentine government measured specimens up to 15 centimeters in length, about the size of a human hand. Climate change experts warn the warming oceans that feed cyclones and heavy rains have led to record-breaking groups of desert locusts, which could grow larger and more widespread if climate change continues. Is there a spiritual meaning to all of this? Locust attacks are mentioned in almost all the world’s ancient texts, from wall paintings on Egyptians pyramids to the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an. In the Christian tradition swarms of locusts have typically been associated with the end of the world, stemming from a prophecy about an apocalypse. Numerous scientific reports conclude that the animal livestock industry is responsible for massive levels of greenhouse gas emissions leading to climatic change and thus recommend that people shift to a plant-based diet. Supreme Master Ching Hai also explains that worldwide adoption of the vegan lifestyle is the fastest way to halt climate change. “According to the latest report, animals are responsible for 51%, at least, of all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the planet. So, if we stop the animal industry, we cut out 51% of the heat. And then, if we use all the tillable land, all the cultivable land, to plant organic vegetables and fruits, then we cut off another 40%, at least, of carbon dioxide that exists. The planet cools off in a few years.” “But we can only stop the disaster once and for all by tackling the root problem; that is, by stopping the killing of humans, and mass murdering of innocent animal lives. Only when we walk in peace and love on this Earth will the Earth and nature respond peacefully to us. If we protect others, we will be protected. And as more of us become vegan, the spiritual consciousness of humankind can be elevated higher. Let’s continue striving to touch people’s hearts and minds, to change to a vegan lifestyle, and to love the precious animals and our respected planet. Then, the changes in our world could happen in more surprising speed than you think!”
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