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Loving Hut Smile – The Charitable Vegan Restaurant of Korea, Part 2 of 2 – Delightful Vegan Lunch Boxes and Soy Chicken for Picnics



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Last Sunday, we visited Loving Hut Smile vegan restaurant in Seoul, Korea. Specializing in catering and lunch boxes, this Loving Hut is a popular vegan restaurant frequently catering to celebrities. This morning, Loving Hut Smile is busy making lunch boxes ordered by its customers who are going on a picnic. “After cutting the bread in half, spread the vegan cheddar cheese on both sides. Next, put a piece of Romaine lettuce and add the (fried) vegan bacon then add one slice of organic tomato. Squeeze some apple sauce onto the sliced tomato.” “It’s a mini sandwich.” “Then add about three fresh cherry tomatoes, two strawberries and half a tangerine and some organic blueberries on top of the lettuce.” “Next, I'll add some vegan chocolate chip cookies, and this completes the Evening Roll Lunch Box." “I think it would be better to cut about two pieces of Romaine lettuce. Put it to one side and lay it down first. Then add the young leafy vegetables, organic red bell pepper and yellow capsicum.” “Then cut the rice cutlet and put it in the box.” “In the box, add the rice ball and the pickled radish on top of the lettuce.” “Squeeze some (apple) sauce onto the rice cutlet and also squeeze some mustard on top of it.” “The Quick Vegan Lunch Box is now complete.” One of the most popular menu items at Loving Hut Smile is the fried soy vegan chicken. To make this recipe, boil some thick dried soy protein in water and then cut them lengthwise with scissors. Squeeze the excess water from the soy protein and then season it with sesame oil, dried parsley, ground pepper, salt, and vegan seasoning. Coat the soy protein with frying powder and deep fry it in sunflower oil. Remove it from the oil once the soy vegan chicken turns golden brown. The two friends are going on a trip to a tourist destination called Water Park by train at Namyangju. Soon it was lunchtime, and they stopped to take a rest at a shady picnic area to enjoy their wonderful vegan lunch while appreciating the peaceful surroundings.
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