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Green Gazelles: The World’s First Vegan Rugby Team, Part 1 of 2

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Brendon Bale is very thrilled to share with us how his vegan journey began, and what led him to found the Green Gazelles Rugby Club in 2018. “My name's Brendon Bale. I recently established the first vegan rugby club. We’re called the Green Gazelles Rugby Club, and it’s made up of players from all over the world who follow a plant-based lifestyle. And we are UK based but anyone can play for us. We're going to travel all over the world and we're going to hopefully change the perception of veganism, particularly in such a hard-hitting sport that is rugby. So, we are here today now with a with a fully functioning team made of so many amazing, inspirational, motivated people who follow plant-based lifestyles. It’s incredible!”

The Green Gazelles Rugby Club also ensures that their clothing and footwear are fully vegan by avoiding any animal-by products. Their uniforms are also made primarily from bamboo fibers in an effort to become as eco-friendly as possible. For Brendon, switching to a vegan diet wasn’t just about healthier eating, as he said in an interview with “For me, if there’s two options… one is better for the environment and stops animals from dying, I’d pick the option that does less harm.” “When we live our lives with a vegan diet, we send out a powerful statement that we want life, and so we will beget life, and protection to continue with our life. If we become vegan as an individual, we can remedy the disasters that otherwise might affect us personally. The world can be what we make it to be, and we will make it a vegan world, a compassionate world, a peaceful world and a safe world.”

Brendon had this to say when being asked how a vegan diet can benefit an athlete like him…

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