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Traditional German Cuisine, Part 1 of 2 – Vegan Soy Granule Meatballs

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“(Today we would like to introduce you to a classic German specialty.) We are making vegan meatballs today. And this we make completely without animal products, while the animals are allowed to continue their happy life in the pasture. But we do not sacrifice the good taste.”

“(The soy granules are now soaked. What is the weight of the [total] protein?) It’s about 350 grams. (And how many vegan meatballs do we get out of it?) About eight pieces. OK, I’ll now turn on the stove. Pour some oil into the pan and fry the mixture. OK, we fry the soaked soy granules for five minutes. Medium heat? Medium heat, exactly. After five minutes, we take the sticky rice flour, about a heaped tablespoon, and sprinkle it over the mixture. And we bind (the mixture) with it.”

“Here we have the prepared protein mixture, which we will now turn into a delicious vegan aha-experience with the help of some fine ingredients and spices. For this, we use as the first ingredient cut and dried morel [mushrooms]. This is about five grams or one heaped tablespoon. We add some water and soak it for about five minutes. In the meantime, we can season the whole mixture. We have prepared some thyme here. We’ll take about one teaspoon of it. Then some oregano, one teaspoon and some marjoram. Well, here is a little vegetable broth. OK, we have some toast bread here. Please use vegan toast bread without butter or whey products.”

“Yes, the potato starch binds the mixture, and the seitan flour gives it texture. OK, the protein mixture is now ready. We are ready to make the first vegan meatballs. The key is that we bake the meatballs beforehand in the oven so that it keeps its shape and does not fall apart.”

“Now I’ll put some oil into the pan. (OK.) You don't need to pan-fry them right away. If you want, you can keep them in the fridge for a few days or put them in the freezer for a few weeks, then pan-fry them when you need them. So, let's put the good ones in. (What do you eat the vegan meatballs with? Tell me.) Well, you can eat them with either a carrot-pea vegetable dish or with salad, if you like. And what goes perfectly well with it, in any case, is mashed potatoes. OK, they are now ready— our vegan meatballs.”

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