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Anna and Her Animal Friends

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Today, we have a story about a 6-year-old girl named Anna and an adventure that changed her life. Anna followed the animals to a large fig tree. As everyone held hands, Gloria Rabbit clapped twice and commanded, “The Garden of Eden opens! The Garden of Eden opens!” Lo and behold, an opening appeared at the base of the fig tree. Anna could see a tunnel path beyond it. Multi-colored lights shone brightly as they trekked their way through the tunnel, and out to a beautiful garden covered with giant trees, exotic plants, and wild flowers. A huge rainbow arched across the entire garden, sending out brilliant rays of colors. “So beautiful! This is like Heaven!” As Anna was absorbing all the wonders in this magical place, a carpet flew over her, and hovered in the air. Gloria Rabbit helped Anna aboard. Together, they went for a ride through the entire garden. It was magnificent! Anna saw many things that she had never seen before, such as a bright blue tomato patch, pumpkins bigger than herself, and rainbow-colored radishes. Eventually, they stopped in front of a cozy cabin where a group of animals awaited. “I am Tom Turkey, the best chef in the Garden. Come Anna, I have prepared a nutritious vegan meal. Please join us.” “What’s vegan food?” “Vegan foods are purely plant-based. It’s food that doesn’t contain any meat from animals.” “We are all vegans here, Anna. We don’t eat our friends.” All the animals sat around a big wooden table outside, and enjoyed Tom Turkey’s delicious feast. There were vegan breads, multicolored plant-based jelly, all sorts of nuts, and an herb and fruit salad. Anna’s favorite was the blue tomato juice. “We are delighted to have you here in the Garden of Eden, Anna. Please take care. See you soon!” One moment Anna was in the Garden of Eden, and the next instant she was back sitting by the fig tree. Her mother, Hong, was looking for her. “Anna, where have you been? It’s almost lunch time. Let’s go in.” As soon as they stepped into the kitchen, Anna saw Uncle Tom Turkey tied up on the counter, struggling. “Help, help!” “Please let the turkey go! He’s my friend. His name is Tom, and he is a great vegan cook. Let him go! We don’t need to eat him or other animals.” “Anna! What is the matter with you?” “I don’t want to eat my animal friends. Please don’t ever serve me meat again.” “But if you don’t eat meat, how will you have enough nutrition to grow big and strong?” “I can still grow big and strong. Gloria Rabbit, Tom Turkey, and other animal friends have shown me just how wonderful plant-based foods are. And how can I face my animal friends in the Garden of Eden again if I eat them as food?”
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