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Better Understanding Animals: Marie-Noëlle Baroni and Telepathic Animal Communicator Laila del Monte (vegetarian), Part 3 of 3

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Can different animal species communicate with each other? If so, how do they do it? “It’s specifically intangible for us humans because we can only communicate through our senses. But if I could explain it the best possible way, I would say that it is like a vibration that is emitted. And in this vibration, there is a whole language inside – a language of thoughts, a language of emotions, a language of being and a language of sensations within this vibration. Let me give an example. Once, my dog came to get me – I thought: ‘what does she want?’ And I followed her, and there was a turtledove that was injured. So I took the turtledove, I tried to save her, etc. And in the night, my dog came to wake me up. She came, she pulled me, she practically pulled me by the shirt, and she took me there – the turtledove was dead. How did she know? She was in the house. It’s a vibration that contains everything, and that we have a great deal of trouble picking up because we put language above all else. But it’s already a language, and it’s very intangible, but it’s something that is emitted between all animals. And that they perceive.” What hope is there for getting closer human-animal relationships in the future? Laila and Marie-Noëlle believe we must start with the children and bring them in contact with our animal friends. “It’s very, very important to find this language, to find this connection again. Because if we do not find it, we are not going to open up this compassion. And for me, it is the only way to save this planet.” “What I would like to propose is to open up the knowledge to children, of course. To open this knowledge, even a little bit, but in very small classes.” “They must have direct experience with animals. Because they don’t correlate what’s on their plate – that it’s an animal – they don’t correlate with the cruelty that’s going on. They cannot understand all that. They need to know; they have to be close to the animal to understand them, to feel them, and to be able to truly connect with the animal.”
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