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Better Understanding Animals: Marie-Noëlle Baroni and Telepathic Animal Communicator Laila del Monte (vegetarian), Part 1 of 3

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It will feature excerpts from our interview with the gifted American communicator Ms. del Monte and Ms. Baroni, who rescues animals and coaches some of them for filmmakers who wish to feature them in their movies. Laila del Monte has been communicating with animals since she was a child. At first, she thought it was something everyone could do. When she realized that her ability was a unique talent, she cultivated it and chose to dedicate her life to helping animals of all kinds. Marie-Noëlle Baroni, from France turned a natural affinity with animals into a special service for the motion-picture industry. The makers of “The Fox and the Child” as well as “Seasons” enlisted her to train the starring animals. She lives on her own educational farm, where visitors can meet some non-human movie stars and learn about caring for animals. “My name is Laila del Monte, and I communicate with animals. And so it’s a long journey of 25 years to transmit information about animal consciousness to people through teachings, seminars all over the world. There are people like Marie-Noëlle who work daily with animals. They establish a kind of silence-connection – I don’t really know what to call it. There is an internal silence and a connection that is established with the animal from day to day.” “But the extraordinary thing is that everybody has this ability. Everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, everybody has this. It’s like all learning.” “They teach us all the time, but we are the ones who have to learn. We have a responsibility to know them, to know their minds and to know how they work. They exist, they are there, and it is we who destroy their environment, and we are the ones who make all the mistakes. So our responsibility is to approach and understand them. And by understanding their consciousness, that’s how we can transform a little bit the things that are happening on our planet.”
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