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Better Understanding Animals: Marie-Noëlle Baroni and Telepathic Animal Communicator Laila del Monte (vegetarian), Part 2 of 3

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It will feature more excerpts from our interview with the gifted American communicator Ms. del Monte and Ms. Baroni, who rescues animals and coaches some of them for filmmakers who wish to feature them in their movies. Even though Laila has been involved with animals for more than 25 years, she finds they are still teaching her new things. “And to me, they’re really the same species. And we have the same way of looking at life. I find it wonderful to see all the similarities between animal relationships and human relationships.” Laila teaches people to communicate at the conscious level with animals. But for many of her students, outer appearances and preconceived ideas obstruct their perception of how aware animals actually are. “They are very sensitive to deep emotions. So if we have an explosion of joy or an expression of lightness inside us that changes… that makes our state change from one state to another, they recognize it. And indeed, as Marie-Noëlle says, they will reproduce the act that will make this explosion of energy that they felt. Because they feel deep emotions, like everything that would be sadness, resentment, joy – very deep emotions that we do not even show outwardly sometimes, they are very sensitive to that.” “The animal, really, I call it the hyper-present. He lives in a kind of hyper-present, but this hyper-present, there is no analysis of the past, or analysis of the future. The animal brings us back to this vital need, actually, which is to be in the present.” Laila says although humans may initially need to overcome a certain fear of emptiness, they are more attuned spiritually when they are able to be in the hyper-present. In fact, she believes that only by letting go of their individuality can people completely identify with another being.
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