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Selections from “Pioneers of the Soul” by Hilda Charlton (vegetarian): Chapter 2 – The Real You, Part 2 of 2



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“Make God your goal. Do all the other things you have to do and be grateful for any job you have, but let God be foremost in your mind.” “You have been brainwashed with labels from birth, and now it is time to think for yourself, from deep in your intuition, about what truth is. Jesus left us a gift of freedom, and we are made new by accepting this gift of the Spirit. It is so simple. We give up our little ego’s opinions in exchange for the great spiritual truths, the truths that have existed in all the ages since the world was created. We let in the light of truth, and we are free. Know the truth and it shall set you free from the bondage of your self.” “What is that truth? The one and only truth is that we were created perfect and perfect shall we be.” “It is time for all of us to be reborn back into the consciousness of God, back into this great consciousness which is like a great universe. Let us step over all the pebbles and the dirt and the muck we’ve put here and walk back into the consciousness of God. Let’s say you’re in the consciousness of God, and then you get petty and complain, ‘That person said this about me.’ You’re right out again, out of the Garden of Eden. So you say, ‘Oh no. I’m out again.’ Nothing doing! Cut! Cut that thought. Cut! And back in you go, into the consciousness of God, and say, ‘That person must’ve had a bad time to be so mean. I will send that person unconditional love.’ It’s as simple as that. We have to keep unconditional love all the time.” “As quickly as the negative thought comes, say, ‘Cut.’ Go back with a good thought, and you’re in the consciousness of God again. You’re in attunement and you’re in safety, no matter what happens around you.”
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