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Bringing Master’s Love & Comfort to UK Citizens Through “Warm Spaces” in Winter

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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News from the United Kingdom…

Throughout the United Kingdom, cold winter temperatures combined with steeply rising fuel prices have created extra hardship for individuals and families alike. Some people have even said they must choose between buying food or staying warm. To help ease this difficult time, the non-profit Warm Welcome campaign has been working to connect those in need with warm public spaces like churches, libraries, and community centers.

Upon hearing of Warm Welcome’s devoted efforts, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan): “Gratefully praise the much-needed initiative, pray Heaven to bless all the goodhearted who help in this caring work, and is arranging to humbly contribute US$50,000 to further the loving endeavor. May God be merciful to all in need and speed up a paradise of VEGAN and PEACE. Amen!”

“Even some places in England, some people can’t afford to pay electricity, and they have to choose between ‘heat or eat.’ (Oh yes.) I read that. And I read in one news somewhere, one woman, she cried her eyes out because she needs £10 to pay for electricity, otherwise they would cut it off. (Wow.) I didn’t know how to help her. I wanted to help her so much. (Wow.) I didn’t know how. I don’t know how. I’m all alone and I’m not good with all this… how to find out things. And I’m overburdened with busyness inside and outside already also. I wish I could have helped her.”

Following is an initial report from our Association members in the United Kingdom: “January 20, 2023 Dear Ultimate Guide and Merciful Master, We received the first half (US$25,000) of Master’s contribution Thursday, January 19, and the second half (US$25,000) will arrive in several days. As we understand it, the Warm Welcome project is supported through partnerships with UK social service councils as well as private organizations. However, there is no single point of contact for the project itself. Thus, we plan to distribute the funds to the individual organizations that provide warm spaces. We would like to offer the highest support to the locations that are open the most days, for the longest times, and that offer additional supplies like blankets, vegan food, and essential items.

Our Association members have been able to visit a few places already, and we are now collecting more information to decide how to divide the funds. We wish to help as many people as possible. We will also ask permission from the various locations to film and do interviews for Supreme Master Television, including sharing Master’s teachings and vegan food.

For the woman needing £10 Master mentioned on Fly-In News titled, ‘Go in the Direction of Peace and Be Grateful to Have a Better Life,’ we believe we can find her fairly easily. Once we do, we will visit and give her money as well as provide vegan food supplies to her and the local food bank. When we have a list of what was given, we shall report again. With deep gratitude for Your Love and Grace, United Kingdom Association Members”

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) compassionately replied: “Thank you all; glad the woman can be found. Hope she will be OK. Give her US$1,000 for her future electric bills. Enquire about her wellness, etc. Bring her some vegan food for eating and to store for later; tell her how to cook them.” 

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