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Whale-people Are Sent to the Oceans of this Planet to Bless the Good People and the Earth

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Greetings to the wonderful Supreme Master TV team and the most beautiful Master, In my meditation, they told me Heaven sent a few giant whale-people to the oceans of this planet to bless the good people and the Earth! I saw myself in the deep ocean. Although I was so scared that I was so deep down, still I could breathe normally and I was alive. Then, I noticed the ocean got so bright with beautiful Lights, which were so bright, like daylight! Suddenly, I saw a huge whale-person that was approaching me. At first, I was frightened because he was so huge, but then I thought, “Oh, that might be one of the whale-people they have told me about…” At the same time, he proved this with a wink from his very small and loving eye!

I felt so happy and blessed at that time. I touched his beautiful shining body and thanked him so much! Wishing for the day that all become vegan and everyone rejoices again on our beautiful planet. Amen. With love and gratitude, Your humble disciple, Tara from Iran

Blessed Tara, It must have been so wonderful to meet a whale-person! Thank you for sharing your touching vision, which clearly reminds us that our animal friends are people too. They have souls, lives, and missions just like us. It is comforting to know that the goal of such gentle giants like the whale-persons is to bless us. We sincerely thank them for all they do for our planet. May the lovely Iranian people and all the inhabitants of countries worldwide become vegan ambassadors very soon, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master would like to gift you with this special message: “Precious Tara, all living beings have a role to play on this planet, including, of course, the wonderful animal-people, especially those sent from the Divine realm to bless this world. If Earth humans understood just how much love they have and how dedicated to their work they are, they would stop seeing them as mere objects and would finally value them for the beauteous and enchanting souls that they are. The animal-people have been very patient with us through the ages. It is now time to acknowledge and respect their God-given lives by always protecting and loving them. To neither make them suffer nor shorten their lives to satisfy our palates is the strict minimum that we should do. May your peaceful-minded Iranian co-citizens be very quick to embrace this correct way of life, in line with the teachings of the Great Prophet Mohammed, Peace be Upon Him.”

“If one has this deep quality of compassion that one does not want others to suffer, and one knows that either ordering meat or consuming meat is going [to] bring about even the cruel upbringing and the slaughter of animals, out of compassion one would adopt vegetarianism.” ~ The Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi (vegetarian)

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