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The Experience of Switching from the Fishing Industry to a Benevolent Job and Getting Initiation to Practice Spirituality Elevates Body, Mind and Soul

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Dear Most Benevolent Lord Tim Qo Tu, Before following You to practice spiritually, I was a fisherman working at sea. I have killed numerous beings in the water, and for a long time when I was still young, just over 25 years old, I already had so many sicknesses related to the meat-eating diet, such as chronic sinusitis, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, disc herniation, and claustrophobia. At that time, I was in so much pain. I went to see a lot of doctors, but to no avail. One day, my elder brother, who practices spiritually with Master, advised me to quit fishing, be a vegan, and practice spiritually. Listening to my brother, I became a vegan and read Master’s books. Then after a period of time, I got initiated by Master on November 1, 2014, and have practiced the Quan Yin Method until now. My health gradually got better, and now I am normal and healthy. My love and wisdom are both improving. I would like to tell Master one of my inner experiences:

One time, in my meditation, I suddenly noticed red spots on my stomach, which were slowly enlarging, and I was amazed to see many creatures crawling out of them, such as cuttlefish-, octopus-, small fish-people, etc. It was very painful. Many of them did not want to come out, so I had to use my hand to pull each one of them out of my body. At that time, I felt pain beyond description! And when they were all out, I felt very relieved. I silently understood that: When I followed Master to practice the Quan Yin Method, Master took upon Herself my numerous past karmas and resolved my fixed karma, which I would have to pay for many lifetimes. You shortened these payments into one meditation session, so that my body became healthier and I could continue to practice to be elevated. And thanks to Master’s Blessing Power permeating my body during meditation, the beings which I have killed had forgiven me and came out of my body. I thank You so much for saving me from my ignorance in this world.

I pray that those who work in the fishing industry like I did wake up quickly: switch to a benevolent job, be a vegan, follow Master to practice spiritually in order to be free from ignorance, and to avoid having to repay karma by sickness in the present lifetime and numerous future lifetimes in hell until we completely repay all the debts of killing the shrimp-, crab-, fish-people, etc.

Once again, I sincerely thank Master so much, and wish You good health. May World Vegan, World Peace come very soon. Love Master so much, Your disciple, Minh Vũ from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Thank you, lucky Minh Vũ, for sharing your incredible story of transformation.

Master has this loving message for you: “Awakened Minh Vũ, stories like yours inspire me to have further hope and to continue working for the world to bring about World Vegan, World Peace. Your sincere repentance allowed me to help you. Without that, my hands are tied. We cannot continue our destructive ways and expect healing. Repentance must truly come from our hearts when we recognize the wrong we have done and resolve not to do it again. I am so glad you realized the error of your ways and turned around. May Heaven’s Grace bless you and the contented Aulacese (Vietnamese) people.”

“[…] In the livestock trade today, there is more cruelty and barbarism than ever before, much more than in the age of our great-grandparents. And cruelty is prohibited in Judaism as in many other religions. But today we are completely desecrating those prohibitions.” ~ The Honorable Rabbi David Rosen, KSG, CBE (vegan) 

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