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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Tami Moore of Moore 2 Love Rescue

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A world in which humans and animals coexist harmoniously, where the strong and capable lend a helping hand to the weak and injured, and everyone, big or small, is given a second chance at life: Such is the vision that Tami Moore has been working passionately to realize within her community of San Jose, California, where she has been rescuing animals in need for over ten years.

What started with a love and passion for animals eventually grew into the Moore 2 Love Rescue, a charity involving the efforts of her entire family and members of the community. “I've always been an animal lover, and I've always wanted to do the right thing for animals. But what made me want to start the organization is I saw now with social media you get to see so many animals that are being neglected, and suffering, and don't have homes. And so that's what made me start.” “But over time it's about 350 animals, ranging from snakes to lizards to a fawn, doves, squirrels. Whatever needs to be rescued, we don't turn our back on anyone or anything.” “On a monthly basis, I spend about $400 of my own money. I use my money when I work to help the animals. We take special needs dogs too, we have deaf dogs, we've had dogs that have gone blind, we've had dogs that (have) various disabilities, three-legged, things like that, that just need that extra help and a chance.”

Tami’s go-to person is her daughter Jessica, a compassionate and inspiring animal advocate, vegan and iron worker by trade. “I can't help it, I love them. They’re just pure, it's purity, and Supreme Master says the same thing. I've read some of Her books, and it's just beautiful to have someone else feel the same way and then at full force. And it's an amazing thing to receive this (award) from Her.”

With gratitude and admiration for their unconditional love and benevolent deeds, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gladly present Tami Moore with the Shining World Compassion Award and US$10,000 in humble support of your caring work, with gratitude and lots of love to you, your daughter and all the volunteers, in Divine benevolence.”

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