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Buddhist Stories: The Story of Ananda, the Names of Hells, and the Praise of the Buddha, Part 6 of 11 Aug. 10, 2015

Lecture Language:English  Host Language:Cantonese Chinese
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This world is full of unfairness. That’s why you should get out, and then we talk in a better place, where we can talk in all fairness and no judgment, no unfair judgment. That’s why all the Masters, the Buddhas encourage people to get out, liberate, aim for liberation. Don’t aim for the merit in Heaven. Don’t aim for the merit on Earth. Don’t wish to be king or gods or devas, nothing. Just aim for Bodhi, enlightenment, Buddhahood at the end, see? Buddha is not here, they don’t find any Master, they don’t know any other things, so these past sutras are good for them to some extent. But the merit is just for Heaven and Earth merit, you see? When your merit runs out, you’ll be born like a human, or even animals, and suffering, ignorance, and then get worse if you don’t have anyone to guide you, any Master to teach you. Then you forget also, and you do bad things, too. The path of liberation is with the Quan Yin Method – gone forever! So you know, you know. Only to be in the Buddha’s path, means the enlightenment path and you cultivate compassion, love as well as wisdom. To have wisdom alone, to have merit alone is nothing – one day it will be gone.
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