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Take Bold Action for a Vegan World! Part 2 of 5

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If you’re angry at something, your negative energy will harm somebody who you direct your anger at.


Oh my God, I talk to you about dogs again, because this retreat I had to take care of my dogs. Two of them have been like scratched and sick by some of the negative power attacks. They shielded me; thus, they have problems. I did not want them to do that, but they always did. So now, I have to put a ring of protection on them. But then it was kind of late, but they are OK now. It’s just that my heart feels so painful. In the retreats, I should not have dogs or humans at all. I should not see anyone. Even the ones who bring food once or twice a day, they just put it outside on the gate, and then I go and get it when I’m ready. Mostly I eat only once; that’s enough. And I don’t feel like eating at all. But I also even got sick. It’s nothing serious, don’t worry. Nothing serious, just a minor problem. But if I happen to see you today, then I will have another minor sickness. Not that I mind, not that I care, just that I cannot make it. I was all ready, and instructed people already to make it ready in Hsihu for me to come and meet you. At the moment I cannot go to New Land (Ashram). I cannot explain. I cannot explain to you right now. There are many things I cannot explain to you or tell you. Even I told you about peace, like I meditate for peace. Just that, and then my life becomes not peaceful afterward; so many disturbances, so many troubles, so many obstructions. And also some illness, and delay in peace.

But it’s very difficult to avoid. We have Supreme Master Television, I call SMTV sometimes. But we cannot call SMTV because that will be overlapped with the other SMTV. There is one SMTV in the world. It’s in a small country, in the middle of Italy. San Marino. San Marino Television. I remember, and they call themselves SMTV. Is that correct? Any Italian, European? That’s one small country called San Marino, almost ignored by the world, but they exist. It’s a beautiful place. And they have a television called SMTV. So, we call it Supreme Master Television.

So, we have Supreme Master Television, we have the staff (team), which I sometimes have to talk to them for some… just to connect, and also for some questions that they had on their minds, or they wanted to ask me. And also, sometimes I have a meeting with you or gathering with you, retreat with you, then it just spontaneously, naturally comes out. It comes out before I even think about it because of your eager and longing minds. You want to know what I know. You want to know what progress we’ve made for the planet. You want to know how the peace process is going. What have I done, or what am I doing, or what will I do? Or what I was doing, what I am doing, what I will be doing, etc. And you just ask questions or even don’t ask questions, I just blurt it out before I could even control it, even though I knew that I should not tell you anything at all. Even the Higher Heavens warned me, Ihôs Kư Godses warned me not to talk about it; otherwise, I will not have peace. Even if the world has peace, I will not have peace personally, in my life. And that I knew. And I have been experiencing this kind of unpeaceful retribution due to my talk, due to my several or many revelations to you and to the world because whatever I reveal to you, they won’t keep it secret. Yes, it will be on TV for the benefit of all. Well, I don’t mind. It’s just that we have to sacrifice sometimes our time together, because of my unpeaceful situation that has been going on for some time.

And I’m lucky I’m still alive because the negative power has put many traps in different places for me to fall into, fatal traps. And sometimes, unknowingly, I even go there, but somehow, it veered away from me. That’s what the Heavens told me, the Higher Heavens told me, Ihôs Kư Godses told me that, “It veered away from You. It veered away from You.” Two times at least. And this time, I just avoid. I check before I go. And that’s why I cannot see you today. There are some obstructions on the road. Okay? (Yes.) At least I am still here, and then we can have a chance to see each other some other times. Right? (Yes.) Even if we don’t, we’re always together; you know that. You know you can see me in your house if you are awake. I am sorry. Sometimes I come but you are sleepy. You are not there to greet me and then when you wake up, you say, “Master, You never come to my house. I am always there. Sometimes you are too busy with other things or maybe believe in other entities and forget me, so I have to stand in the corner waiting, until invited. I can’t just come in without invitation. We have to be polite, no? All right, it doesn’t matter. You know I am always there for you, with you, and love you.

I am glad we can even talk to each other. You see, in the old times, we could not do this. Even just some decades ago, this was unheard of, unimaginable! And now, here we are, I sit here, you all sit there and we can see each other. Like you are sitting in front of me, like I am sitting in front of you. I don’t know if my image is very clear for you over there, but your image is absolutely clear. It’s clear? (Yes!) Wonderful. I can see the color of your hair, the color of your eyes, and your nose, your ears. I can see there’s a monk there. Korean monk? (Yes.) Hallo. (Hallo.) You still stay, or is it new? (Yes.) Stay? (Working team.) Working team! Wow! (Yes. One month and a half.) Wow! What do you work on? (Painting.) Painting. (Yes.) OK, thank you. (Cement, concrete.) Thank you. Thank you. Do monks work in Korea? My monks do. My monks, they do work and try to be independent and contributing to the world. They even work in a restaurant, to do some cooking.

But peace will come, for all. Now here I am, a big mouth again. I am not clairvoyant or anything, I just feel that it’s going in that direction. Don’t you? (Yes!) Yes? You feel that way too? Also, because Heaven told me, Higher Heavens, Ihôs Kư. Other Higher Heavens, They cannot always communicate with me, but Ihôs Kư Godses, because it’s near the border with the Shadow World, so They can help me in some way. Not all the time though. I have to bear the consequences of whatever I do for the world. So, doing good doesn’t mean you don’t have bad consequences in return. It depends on what you are doing, depends on who you are. If you’re just a disciple, then you’re OK. If you’re a Master, then you are not. You have to pay for your disciples, for whomever you help. And if it’s for the world, then it’s a bigger amount of consequences and karma.

So, because I was crying, I was crying alone, either during retreat or when I was working, when I see the animals suffering or when I have to proofread many scripts for Supreme Master TV. And I have to edit them, or edit sometimes the video clips if it’s not appropriate, or if it’s in doubt, I have to tell them to fact check. Even though I didn’t read the scripts during a retreat, but I had to read them before the retreat, in advance, and then afterward, I proofread again, after the retreat. It might not be as good as when I do it daily, but it’s still better than nothing. Also, I’ve been training them, so we can more or less get on track, for the days or for the times that I am not available. But still, even (during the) retreat, I sometimes call them, because I caught some glimpse on TV that is not correct, on the Supreme Master Television screen. So, I still need to call them and talk briefly, because I don’t know how to send an email. In retreat, I don’t use any of those. But sometimes I can use the telephone. Because when I do retreat, sometimes in the remote area, the phone doesn’t work. Then I have to go outside somewhere where the signal will be at least off and on, receivable. And then maybe I can use some of the old-fashioned telephones that I can send messages. The new phone, I don’t know how to send messages yet. I did know how and then I forgot. I have to relearn again, but I don’t ever have time. Everything I have to put off, put off, put off, until I cannot put off anymore because of the world. The world comes first. And so many things I have to take care of. Therefore, I don’t always have time to learn more stuff. But I will have to, so it’s more convenient.

I just don’t let a lot of people know my phone. None of them knows my phone. When you text, people have to know your phone. Maybe I have to learn to do that, at least somehow. So then I can text one person at least. But I didn’t even have time to organize all this. Imagine? Imagine. I thought I could do it this retreat, I’d have more time, but then the dogs got sick, both of them. And one is a little serious. You know, Good Love, he is so big, and I have to nurse him. And when we have to go uphill, then we have to use a golf cart to bring him up, because if I don’t let him (come) up, then maybe he’ll heal slower. So, he sees me every day. I can heal him in different ways. But that also hinders my retreat and also gives me some problems in return. And also, other dogs. One dog bit the other dog. Not that serious but still I needed to comfort her psyche, her mental wellness and her emotional wellness. And then I asked that dog, “Why did you do that?” She said, “Not willing.” This is exactly what she told me, “Not willing to, but pushed to by negative force.” And it’s even by one of the persons. I don’t want to mention the name here; one of my disciples. But it’s not that I blame him or anything. It’s just that if you’re angry at something, your negative energy will harm somebody who you direct your anger at. My dogs are powerful, but they had to undertake that. And I am very, very sorry.

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