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Jorge Chaminé, Portuguese Baritone for Peace

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Jorge Chaminé began his music journey at a young age. At 12 years old, he received a soprano role in a Portuguese opera. Later Jorge Chaminé studied law at the prestigious Coimbra University in Portugal, but decided to pursue a singing career instead. He regularly appears in classical opera pieces in large theatre productions, and has won many awards and honors. In 2018, the French government nominated him as the Officier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Currently, Mr. Chaminé is taking on many different roles in various musical organizations, and is instrumental in promoting classical music and cultural appreciation. Not only an accomplished artist in the musical world, Mr. Chaminé is also a compassionate human rights advocator. He works with autistic children, supports worthy causes, and often holds concerts at prisons and hospitals to spread the joy of music. For his humanitarian work, he was honored with the Medal of Human Rights by UNESCO in 1993. Witnessing suffering from conflicts around him, Mr. Chaminé devoted his artistic talents for peace. In 2005, UNECO nominated him to be the Music Ambassador of Musique ME (Musique Middle East). Mr. Chaminé firmly believes music can be a means of inspiring world peace. He has entered dangerous war zones to sing songs of peace, in order to help ease tensions and alleviate suffering.
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