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Saving the Gran Chaco Forest with Fiorella Migliore

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In today’s program, we will introduce Fiorella Migliore, a Paraguayan model, beauty queen, actress, television presenter and vegan activist. Fiorella, or Fio, won the 2008 Miss Italia Paraguay and the 2012 Miss World Paraguay. Learning about the direct impact of our food choice on the environment and health first-hand, Fio felt obliged to raise awareness about it to her fellow Paraguayans, so she partnered with Kip Anderson to produce a documentary, From Paraguay With Love. Paraguay With Love focuses on the environmental and humanitarian crisis happening in Paraguay due to “The Green Revolution,” Which is the rapid expansion of soy agri-faming in the Gran Chaco Forest, the second largest forest in South America next to the Amazon. Fio hopes to educate the public on their food choices, which has caused the deforestation of Paraguay, and has forced more than 585,000 people to leave their land in the last ten years. Also, the health-hazards of pesticides have caused many serious diseases, and even deaths. We are hopeful that Fio’s message will be heard and that it will create a ripple effect on farming, as more farmers are switching from livestock raising to organic vegetable farming, not only in Paraguay but all around the world.
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