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Songs for the Earth

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As our world is facing imminent danger from the climate crisis, mainly caused by the livestock industry, and pandemic diseases from meat consumption, it's time for us to examine our behaviors, and encourage each other to turn from our destructive ways of living, and embrace a compassionate lifestyle. Our survival depends on this. Musicians around the world have been inspired to touch our hearts with this message. Today, we will present three of these compositions in multiple languages. The first song is entitled, "Under the Sky." Written by Yi Zi and Yu Zhuo-Er, and released after the breakout of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. The song asks hard questions, such as how heavy a burden can the Earth bear? How much loss can we suffer in a lifetime? It also reminds people that all life deserves respect, including that of the animals. The next song, "I Feel Alive," is a Hindi song, expressing the joy of being one with the Universe. "Unfolding myself Into this universe By being a part of it, I love listening to the Awesome stories that dwell within it. My heart is always happy happy Sometimes it jumps and sometimes dives. 24/7 all the time." Our last song is entitled, "Save Our Planet Now" by Sahi. "Save our Planet. Save it now. Save the forests on this Earth. Save them now. We need the forests on this Earth. Save the oceans on this Earth. Save them now. We need the oceans on this Earth."
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