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Dance to Make Peace with Choreographer Ms. Eun Me Ahn

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Our show today will feature the famous Korean dancer and choreographer, Ms. Eun-Me Ahn and her dance creation, “North Korean Dance,” which fosters peace and understanding among people. What inspired Ms. Eun-Me Ahn to create North Korea Dance and what is her vision for the future of the two Koreas? “Because we have some people in the South from North Korea, and they never went up to their home, and sometimes we watched them crying. And one day, if we re-unite, what’s going to happen? Especially I am a dancer, and in dance, if we meet together, going to happen? And at some point, I found out that in YouTube, there are some North Korea dances and then you can see their dances. And l’ve been thinking about maybe someday learning their dances with the South Korean dancers, which is my company, and then we mix together; it can be one of the ideas for futuristic dancing in Korea; that’s why I started this project.” The choreographer of North Korea Dance, which appeared on the stages of Seoul and Paris, in 2018 and 2019. Through this dance, Ms. Eun-Me Ahn displays the humanity, goodness, and brightness of the North Korean people, and our mutual desire for peace and happiness.
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