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Quokka – The World’s Happiest Animal

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With our round cheeks and wide smiles, we quokkas have been dubbed one of the cutest animals on our planet. We are covered with short, very course and thick, grizzled brown fur with lighter parts underneath. Our relatively short tail has very little hair, but our feet are very hairy! On our cute and lovely face are a big, black nose, a pleasing mouth, and a pair of charming black eyes. In 2013, quokkas were given the title of “The Happiest Animal in the World” by American news website HuffPost.Com, because to humans, we always seem to be smiling. Our cutest chubby-cheeked smile can range from a tiny beam to a toothy grin. It is not that the structure of our mouth or jaw makes us have to smile. It is our cheerful nature. Our biggest threat is deforestation, which reduces our habitat ranges and food sources. Climate change, which affects the vegetation and rainfall, is also a threat to us. We urgently call for global action to stop the destruction of natural habitats and the adoption by humans of the sustainable vegan lifestyle.
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