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Luke Mickelson: Building Sweet Dreams for Kids in Need

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Luke was the leader of youth group at his church, and Christmas was a few weeks away. Somehow he heard about a family that could not afford beds for their two children. Using his daughter’s bunk bed as a template, Luke bought the necessary wood and other supplies. Then he and the youths spent a few nights in Luke’s garage making a bunk bed for the family in need. When children are deprived of adequate sleep, their physical and emotional health are affected, and it is more challenging for them to do well in school. Luke realized that he had a mission to fulfill, so he formed a nonprofit organization called “Sleep in Heavenly Peace,” a line from the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” He told CNN, “I found that the need I have isn’t financial. The need I have is seeing the joy on kids’ faces, knowing that I can make a difference.” Under Luke’s leadership, Sleep in Heavenly Peace spread to 39 states in the US, with 127 chapters, and nearly 15,000 volunteers built more than 4,100 bunk beds in 2018. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Caring Award to Luke Mickelson, with a loving token gift of US$25,000 to support Sleep in Heavenly Peace, with all admiration, love, and gratitude.”
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