Veganisme: Cara Hidup Mulia

Fancy Raw Vegan Cuisines from Israeli Vegan Nutritionist, Moran Bar-Lev – Halvah Cubes & Falafel Cabbage Sandwich

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Today, we are delighted to have Ms. Moran Bar-Lev back on our show. Moran is a trained naturopathic specialist and holds the following certifications: Holistic Natural Nutrition, Raw Food Chef, Senior Massage Trainer, Senior Reflexologist, Nutrition, and Orthomolecular Medicine. Moran authored a book entitled “Health Changing Raw Food Nutrition” in Hebrew. This book explains the body’s natural healing ability and provides rules for proper nutrition. It also contains dozens of delicious, healthy, colorful, and vibrant raw vegan recipes. “My name is Moran, and I’m from Israel. I studied naturopathy, and I help coach and guide other people with the raw food world. We love halvah and we love falafel. So today, the two dishes that we’re going to make are from my book about raw food. So we’re going to make halvah. This halvah is like a dessert, or when you want a sweet thing to eat, it’s just perfect. So the ingredients that I’m going to use is ‘t’hina,’ tahini in English. It’s a sesame paste, from white sesame.” “Now we’re going to make falafel. Falafel is a very famous dish here in Israel, in the Middle East as well. Usually, it’s deep-fried served with chips and pita. It’s not something that you feel very light afterwards. So today we’re going to make raw falafel. Here are the ingredients. I want to explain to you what we are using.”
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