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Animals' Unconditional Love for Master, March 30, 2020

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* Always boundlessly loving and supportive, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside time from Her solitary meditation retreat to talk with Supreme Master Television staff via telephone on Monday, March 30, 2020. Master graciously answered questions including those about Her experiences with our precious animal co-inhabitants.

Even last night, I got up and saw two small spiders came inside because the big spider cannot come in anymore. I blocked some of the holes, so the big spider I guess cannot squeeze in, so they sent the smaller spiders. Two of them came in. I said, “Hey, what are you doing here? Is there more news or something?” They said, “No.  We just want to weave a net of protection for You.” My God! My heart just melted I said, “No, you don’t have to do anything for me. Please, you’re so small, just protect yourselves.” But they just did it.

Actually, it might help, just like some people, you remember some [Native] Indian tradition or some other ancient race of people, they weave some web-like net. They call that a dream catcher. (Q(all): Yes, Master.) Yeah. So, could be that they learned it from the spiders. (Q(all): Oh. Wow.)

When I first came to the New Land (Ashram), they have a place for me and these negative ghosts had been there before because there was nobody living there for ten-something years. And so they think we invaded their territory, so they make trouble. So, the birds came. I never saw so many birds who came at one time like that. And sing so loud, so beautiful. They told me they were doing some secret – I can’t tell you – but they were secretly doing some formula to protect me from these demons. And the squirrel came and said they wish me well. They wish me freedom, happiness, safety and peace. And the monkeys, also I asked them, “Why is it that you are so kind? Every time you see me, you say ‘well wish.’” And they told me, “Because You are the Worthy One.” I said, “Who told you that?” They said, “We know.”


(Q: Master, who are these zealous spirits?)

These are the people who sold their souls to the devils. By some circumstances. By being coercedinto doing it. The people who have a bad temper, sometimes are used by these zealous spirits to make them more aggravated and then go out fighting or killing and then they profit from that. And because of that soul already going on that road, he cannot return. So, they became a subordinate of the devil. And after a long time, they cannot get out anymore.  Even if they want to get out, they’re scared.

A few days ago, the spiders came and told me, “Be happy.” I was kind of sad thinking of the world situation, and the people who are sick at the moment.  And they came and tell me, “Don’t be sad. Be happy.  Be free. Be safe.  Zealous spirits returned to hell.” “93%.” (Q(all): Wow.)  So I said, “Thanks all help.  Thank God.” (Q(all): Thank You, Master.)  That was on Thursday, March 26.  In the world, we have a total 11,121,341 zealous ghosts. (Q(m): Wow! Wow!)  That was Wednesday, March 11. (Q(m): Wow.)  Till now, 151,326 repented, and went to the Fourth Level. (Q(m): Wow!)  I didn’t check up to now again. The rest were dragged to hell with their boss, to see their boss there, the maya. The ones that are temporarily in the Fourth Level will be cleaned, cleared and then go to the New (Spiritual) Land some time, later on. (Q(m): Wow! Thank You, Master.)


(Q: Master at this time of crisis [COVID-19], people are just locked down in their houses. Does Master have any words to share with the people?)

Oh, it’s better they stay inside, just as the government prescribed. (Q(All): Yes, Master.) And I also told you guys what to do if you have to go out, to protect yourself. (Q(All): Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)


General Hygiene Notes from Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai)

These notes have more details because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally these were for us, but Master asked us to share them with the public.

- Wear hat/mask/gloves/ goggles; if have, wear face shield, like those used by welders, or your shielded motorcycle helmet. Don’t touch above your neck if it feels itchy, (scratch with a small clean stick or some similar device.) Take a shower from head to toe and wash clothes with hot water after going out to public areas or shopping, etc....

- Sanitize your gloves, and spray your clothes with vinegar / medical alcohol / disinfectant before re-entering your car.

- Wash your hands often. Put a note “wash your hands” to remind everyone.

- Use 100% vinegar or alcohol to wipe the surfaces that outside people touched, after they left.

- Use UV machine to sanitize dishes, or use hot water for the final rinse.

- Make sure to use soap, toothpaste, detergent, etc., and cleaning liquid to clean accordingly. Warm water alone is not enough.

- Wipe all groceries/packages that are from outside with 100% pure vinegar / medical alcohol / disinfectant...  Throw away the packaging or bags, or wipe them if they are to be reused. Put shopping bags under sunshine for as long as can, before reusing.

- When buying new items from outside, first wipe (using gloves) with 100% vinegar, then wipe with hot water. Then discard gloves. Then can use “in-house” gloves.

- Keep a distance from others when outside / shopping; keep at least a 1-2 meter distance.

- In time of personal sickness and/or pandemic: Meditate at home, don’t go to group meditation.

- When a contagious disease is widespread: Avoid eating raw, at least for example; tomatoes / lettuce, rinse them with boiling water before eating.

- In a normal situation: Use natural fruit & vegetable wash to wash veggies or soak them in salt water for at least 5 minutes, then wash them under running water and final rinse with filtered water.

- Do not reuse disposable gloves too many times; throw them away when they’re dirty. If not dirty, can wash them with soap under hot water, before reusing.

- When going out must wear a mask, wear a good mask, a thick mask. When coming back home, have to throw the mask away; if have to reuse, wash them in hot water and detergent.

- When going out have to wear gloves – don’t touch your face – USE tissue if have for sneezing / coughing / or on the inside arm, NOT on your hands.

- When coming back wash hands / or sanitize hands outside of rooms, before touching your own door, public doors, kitchen, etc. Put soap outside where outside water tap (basin) is.

- When going out take pure vinegar spray with you, buy some hand sanitizer and put in car, keep extra gloves in pocket. Throw away dirty gloves used to touch things outside.

- If outside and suspect got touched by others, then wipe yourself / clothes with alcohol / disinfectant / pure vinegar + tissue.

- Wipe steering wheel clean, remove gloves used outside before touching steering wheel and other.  (Because have used hand gloves to touch things outside,  so throw away before touching steering wheel etc., or at least sanitize them first.)

- When coming back have to take shower from hair to toe, remove clothes and change into new clothes.

- Wash clothes, and hang clothes in the sun to dry, not ONLY to rely on tumble dryers.  Because the Sun kills germs. Or put clothes in fresh air to dry.

- Go out into the fresh air / sunshine, 1 or more x per day. Can do some exercise (like push-ups, aerobics / rope jumping, no need equipment, and is quick.) 1 x day - Go cleaning outside environment for exercise and fresh air.

- Outside shoes; keep outside of room and put in the sun, don’t bring them inside.  Better use slippers inside house; Wash them as often as clothes.

* This is not a complete guidance, you have to handle according to the situation, and seek medical help if needed.


This is a physical thing, so we have to use the physical means. Yeah, poor people!  They feel very scared right now. But this is just one of the signs of the warning, but people just don’t listen. I think the governments and religious leaders have to take the more strong, leading role. Have to take more dramatic measure. (Q(m): Absolutely, Master, yes.)  Tell people to just return to their original loving nature.  No more meat eating, no more massacring the innocent and the helpless. No more torturing them like that.


ALSO, THERE ARE FATAL / INCURABLE SICKNESSES FROM EATING FISH. Worms Hepatitis A virus Norovirus Vibrio bacteria Salmonella E. coli Listeria Shellfish Poisoning Mercury Poisoning Allergic Reactions Etc. All these diseases are transmitted TO HUMANS FROM EATING FISH, shellfish and other sea animals.


* Our Caring Master spoke about the benevolent beings in the form of trees and animals who sacrifice themselves voluntarily for humanity.


Recently, many forest fires and billions of animals died. They did that, voluntarily, (Q(m): Oh, wow.) just to sacrifice for humans. So that we have time, more time to wake up. I have been pleading with them. But I did not think they would sacrifice this way. What I mean is that, don’t revenge on humans. Protect humans because they are erring. They are poisoned by all kinds of habits and the devil’s influence.  That’s why I was pleading with the Nature, please be lenient, protect the humans. But I did not think that they would protect humans this way by sacrificing themselves by billions. Trees and animals, they just did that. Otherwise, there will be more numbers of humans who die. So instead of humans dying or destroyed, the animals and the trees and the mountains and all the beings, they sacrifice instead.

If they sacrifice, of course it helps, but if we force them to die, or kill them for sacrifice, that’s different, that’s no good. That just makes us more karma, more heavy karma.


* With deep sorrow and appreciation for the countless noble beings who voluntarily sacrificed their lives for us humans, we thank Beloved Master for revealing these moving truths and stories about them. May our world soon awaken and recognize the amazing souls with whom we’re honored to share this planet. Above all, we join our great co-inhabitants in praying for Master’s freedom, happiness, safety and peace, in God’s love.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples in the next few days.

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