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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Quotes on soldiers

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If the soldier returns home, he will return a broken man; if he even returns. He might cause worry and troubles for his family and of course for himself after the war, after he returns. He will have nightmares, terrible nightmares often, reliving hellish sceneries or images that he witnessed or partially created in war zones or conflict zones. He might even commit suicide when he can’t bear any longer the inner torment. Then if he dies, hell awaits him. All the ones he killed rush toward him to torture him forever, apart from all the devils in hell. That’s what happens.

So many youthful, handsome, strong people, strong youth, the innocent and pure, succumb to traumatic, mental, psychological, emotional breakdown.

Killing is never a human’s nature. It’s against our own inherent goodness and compassion and love. That’s why we suffer for a long, long time after, if we do kill; be it killing human or be it killing animals. we suffer. We cannot find peace.

The best help is never ever sending them to war in the first place.

What can we help them with? How can anyone tell him to forget what he saw in reality, in real war? Real war, real suffering, real people’s pain and sorrow.

It’s not a movie that you can just turn off and forget and watch the next one, you see?

We have to pray that our world will never again spell the word “war,” but that “peace” will be written all over the planet and all over the faces of all living on Earth.
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