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Between Master and Disciples

Our Soul's Journey Home & A Vegan Market Full of Love and Gratitude (Part 2 of 2) Oct. 29, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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“When we first came down to the Earth, we could fly. We did not need to walk or eat. Later when we saw stuff, we were curious and tasted a little here and there. Then our power vanished. The more we ate, the heavier we became. The spiritual body became heavier and the body cells changed. We could no longer fly and we had to walk. The lower of the evolution system we go, the more we forget because life after life we have been forced to take the so-called oblivion soup. We could no longer remember this. The more we eat, the less we remember. But people and humans of the future will gradually recall their power, and our world will become stronger and happier because the controlling mechanism of the negative power has been destroyed. Then we don’t need to come back to this world again and to take the oblivion soup. Thanks to them (godses). Actually it’s because the time has come for that to happen. We cannot say why it took so long. Why wasn’t the controlling mechanism destroyed before? Why wasn’t it destroyed until now? Do you know why? No? Take a guess. If you are right, you can have this. Guess! (It’s not the time, Master.) It’s not yet time, OK! That I told already. You stole my line! (Master’s level went up high.) What? (Master’s level is very high.) Oh, Master’s level is high. That may be so! It has some effect.” 
“How are you? Still alive. How is your family? (You are still so beautiful.) You are the pretty one. You look like a star. I want to buy some tea. Which one is the best? (No need to pay.) The best. No. How much is it in total? (Never mind, no need to pay.) (That won’t do.) You know I cannot accept it. (Master won’t take it without paying.) We pay like everyone else. If I cannot set a clean and honest example, how can I teach people? It is not a matter about money. Have you paid? (Yes.) Thank you.”
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