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The Experience of Eating Late at Night Led to Falling under the Influence of the Negative Power: We Must Rely on the Master Power, and Humble Ourselves, Following Only Divine Guidance

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Greetings and with great respect to my Dear Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team, I am writing this letter to share an inner experience I had a few nights ago. Following Master’s advice, not to eat late at night because we would fall under the influence of the negative power, I rarely ate anything after sunset. But despite my resolution, one night, due to hunger and weakness, I had to eat at 11 pm.

After my meditation, I was drawn into a tunnel in a trance state and began to fly through it at great speed. I was looking for the light, but instead I was drawn into a very dark environment. There, I heard the voice of a devil who started talking to me. Suddenly, I saw his hand reaching out of the darkness and he said to me, “Put your hand in mine.” He asked me to join him. But I turned my back on him with great anger, deep disgust and hatred, and started shouting and cursing at him. My screams and anger towards him were so loud that I couldn’t hear him as he was trying to convince me. Finally, he asked me, “Are you sure? Otherwise...” He threatened me with this sentence.

But I confidently started reciting the Holy Names and returned to my body. I saw in the room that he was separating my soul from my body. I saw my soul rising up for him to carry out his threat, but again I repeated the Holy Names and very quickly returned to my body. This happened while Master’s song was still playing on my mobile phone. It was the inner Master that inspired me to play Master’s song on my cell phone before sleeping. I think playing Master’s song together with reciting the Holy Names and my strong faith in the Master, saved me from this predicament.

There were two important points for me in this inner experience: One is to put all Master’s teachings into action in life as they will protect us. Second, the devil loves to drag us initiates into darkness. Therefore, we must take care of our faith and practice spiritually well so that he does not dare to approach us.

Dear Master, I am very grateful for all Your Love and teachings. With lots of love, Vida from Iran

Fortunate Vida, Thank you for sharing your inner dream-like experience. It shows how dangerous this world is and how easy it is to fall under the influence of the negative power. Without Master’s Blessings and Grace, it would be almost impossible to escape. It is good that you recognize this and are diligent in your spiritual practice. May you and the softhearted Iranian people always know Allah’s infinite Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some wise words for you: “Faithful Vida, after having such an experience, now you understand why I am always reminding disciples to silently repeat the Five Holy Names, keep the precepts, and meditate well. Liberating yourself from this world requires great determination, earnestness, and integrity. Even a small slip-up can lead to a great fall. Therefore, we must rely on the Master Power and humble ourselves, following only Divine guidance and nothing else. I am glad you learned from this event and truly grasped the situation in this world and the way out. Know that you are loved! May you and your wonderful Iranian co-citizens always be blessed by the magnificent Light of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him.” 

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