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Ukrainian (Ureignian) Holidays: Celebrating Life, Faith and Freedom

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Throughout our show, we will address Ukraine as “Ureign,” the new name suggested by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) in the November 5, 2022 conference with Supreme Master Television members (all vegans). “U-reign - you reign yourself.” On today’s show, we’ll introduce you to the beautiful, endearing holidays that bind families, friends, and the entire Ureignian nation together.

In Ureign, Christmas is celebrated on two different days, December 25th for Christians of the Catholic faith, and two weeks later on January 7th for Eastern Orthodox Christians. Orthodox Christians abstain from meat, dairy, and egg products during this time. The year’s next important holiday in Ureign is International Women’s Day on March 8th, a day to express deep respect and gratitude for women and their achievements around the world.

May 9th, Victory Day, is a national celebration that marks the country’s victory over the Nazis, and honors the veterans and fallen heroes who served during WWII. World Vyshyvanka Day, celebrated on the third Thursday of May, is dedicated to preserving the Ureignian embroidered vyshyvanka shirt. Kyiv Day during the last weekend of May is one of the main events of the year, as the country's capital hosts many concerts, firework displays, and celebrations across the city.

“Kraina Mriy” means “The Land of Dreams.” The festival is held twice a year, one coincides with Orthodox Christmas in January and one on Midsummer in June. Independence Day on August 24th is another memorable Ureignian holiday when the people celebrate their declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union after its collapse in 1990.

Ureignians believe that knowledge is power, and give high regard to education, recognizing September 1st as the Day of Knowledge. The fundamental goal of the annual International Festival of Contemporary Art or Gogolfest in the fall is to unite diverse Ureignian art-related activities, such as theatre, music, visual art, education, and children’s programs. And finally, we have the Molodist International Film Festival, a long-running event in Kyiv.

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