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Sharing the Heartache of the Ukrainian (Ureignian) People

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No matter when or where a war takes place, the tragedies it brings are the same: massive destruction to homes and lives, as well as the untold emotional wounds people suffer from injuries and deaths of their loved ones.

We have been witnessing these misfortunes throughout the unjust war Russia has been waging against the innocent Ukrainian people since February 2022. Soldiers continue to grieve for their friends, wives for their husbands, and parents for their children. “Senior Lt. Vasyl Vshyanyi was killed on the eighth day of the war with Russia. He was a 28-year-old paratrooper with the Ukrainian army. With heavy fighting in the Mykolaiv region, it took five days to recover his body and send it home to his family.”

“Oleg Svark takes me into his front garden, where an ordinary family was hit by a Russian missile. His two-year-old son Stepan was buried under the rubble.”

Children grieve too, for their lost innocence, dreams, and futures. In tears, nine-year-old Ameli calls for peace through the song “I Draw My Life.”

The cries of the Ukrainian people can be heard from the numerous messages they post on Supreme Master Television’s Facebook page. “Our Father, deliver us from the evil one ..., save us in Ukraine, protect our defenders with Your Grace. Amen.”

Expressing Her deep sympathy towards the Ukrainian people and concerns for the long-term mental impacts of war, our most beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai said the following in one of Her conferences with Supreme Master Television team members: “It’s terrible. Families will be separated from each other, not just physically, but mentally, psychologically, ideologically, etc. The war will not be over for a long, long, long time, the next generation, maybe. Psychological trauma.” “Ideology breaks families apart, breaks husbands and wives apart. This is another silent war. But it has no less damage than the physical war. This is terrible. War is never good.”
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