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A heartline from obstetrician: Please don’t do abortions anymore! When the time comes, The Law of Cause and Effect will not spare anyone.

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Most Beloved Master, thank You for accepting me as Your disciple! 

Before I retired, I was an obstetrician. I’ve held many newborns in my hands upon their arrival to this world. Maybe Heavens wanted to reward me. Not long after initiation, the inner Master took me to visit the Land of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha (the Medicine Buddha). By Master’s Grace, I visited Master at Saint Martin Center in France, and I’ve also been to Hsihu Ashram and the New Land Ashram in Taiwan (Formosa) for international retreats with Master.

Recently, Supreme Master TV broadcasted Master’s ad, “Stop abortion, it’s murder, it’s against God’s Law.” Today, as a doctor, I’d like to speak out: Abortion absolutely must be banned! Please don’t do abortions anymore! Heaven is generous but sees everything. When the time comes, The Law of Cause and Effect will not spare anyone.

I am 83 years old now, and I once had a disease – vulvovaginitis, which I’m shy to talk about. I tried Chinese and Western medicines before, but they didn’t work. Every time this disease flared-up, I was in so much agony that I felt like dying. One day, I cried to Master, “Master, I have never done anything harmful in my life. What kind of karma makes my life worse than dying?”

Compassionate Master told me through a sister that it was my karma incurred from the abortion operations I’d done when I was an obstetrician. It suddenly dawned on me. My God! I used to be a professional killer under the protection of national laws!

I knelt down before Master’s photo to repent and prayed that Master would help the aborted children and forgive my prior ignorance! Merciful Master took away Merciful Master took away my karma, and I was finally free from this disease. Thank You, Master! Thank you, Supreme Master TV team, for your selfless dedication, so that the Light of God’s Truth illuminates this world! I pray that Heavens bless Master with health and safety! Pray that all of Master’s wishes are fulfilled soon! Pray that World Vegan, World Peace comes as soon as possible! Xin-Hui, a disciple from China

Lucky Xin-Hui, Your story shows how blessed and fortunate we are to be Master’s disciples, for without Her Grace, we would never be able to cleanse the heavy karma we have incurred in this world through our ignorance and misdeeds. Thank you for recounting what you have experienced firsthand. May the Buddha’s Grace guide you and strong China ever onward.

Here is Master’s response to you: “Sincere Xin-Hui, thank you for sharing your story so that other doctors may avoid the same mistakes you made, and those women seeking abortions may realize that there are severe consequences for this unlawful choice regardless of the laws of this world. Some women have been greatly misled into thinking that because abortion is legal in certain places, that there are no consequences for having one. Abortion is one of the worst possible crimes not only because it is murder, but it is also a total betrayal of the most sacred relationship between a mother and child. At the most vulnerable stage of human life, a child is literally torn apart inside the mother’s womb, which should be one of the few times in human life where total love and safety should be surrounding us. Continue to share your story so that others may learn from it. May the Buddhas’ Blessings fill your heart with joy along with the hearts of all the lovely people of China.” 

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