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“I am vegan because… If the animals are hurt, I am hurt.” ——Kimaya (vegan), Co-President of Animal Hero Kids, Environmentalist and animal rights activist, USA

 “Our society is literally built on the bones of animals. Everything we eat, everything we wear, almost everything we do in some way, shape or form, we are contributing to the suffering of innocent sentient beings.” ——Angelina Poli (vegan), Animal rights activist, USA

“Everyone here today knows that a nightmare already exists and continues every day for the billions of pigs, cows, sheep, fish and the chickens, and every animal trapped inside the food system.” ——Kingston Z. Walters (vegan), Animal rights activist, aka “King Zoom” Animal activist, speaker, reporter, Co-President of Animal Hero Kids, Started petition to ban fur sales in Vancouver, Canada

“I feel like it’s very sad for these animals to get turned into food.”——Ian (vegan), Co-President of Animal Hero Kids, Vegan activist, USA

“When you look at them, they look very frightened and you can tell how scared they are.” ——Genesis Butler (vegan), Prominent animal welfare activist, Shining World Compassion Award recipient, USA

“It’s weird how someone can say they love their dog or cat, but somehow a cow, sheep, or chicken isn’t worthy of that same love. To me they’re no different. They all get scared, feel pain, love their babies, and get sad when they’re apart from their family.” ——Yanellie Ireland (vegan), Actress Vegan activist, USA

“When we are with friends, they remain in factory farms. When we are at the cinema, or at a restaurant, they remain in slaughterhouses. They never have a break. So, why should I be silent?” ——Mónica Salvado (vegan), Organizer for Sintra Horse Save and Lisbon Animal Save, Portugal

Vegan Elite Kids

“I used Google and I started educating myself.” ——Aidan Gallagher (vegan), TV star (Netflix, Nickelodeon), singer-songwriter & environmentalist, Youngest UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, USA

“I realized the meat at the store meant an animal dying.” ——Aaditi Tamhankar (vegan), Founder of her high school’s Vegan Club and Health and Wellness Club, Vegetarian Resource Group scholarship recipient, USA

“As soon as I made that ‘2+2’ connection, like a chicken was killed to make a chicken nugget, I just decided I didn’t want to contribute to that cruelty anymore.” ——Thomas Ponce (vegan), Founder of Lobby for Animals, USA

“Because I don’t want to be the reason innocent animals suffer and die simply for a few minutes of pleasure. They are not ours to use and exploit in any way, shape or form, and they should not be seen as commodities.” ——Janani Shivakumar (vegan), Founder of Girls Play Global Humanitarian and animal activist, USA

“The first song that I wrote when I was seven was actually called ‘Save the Whales’ and featured a verse about deforestation. Of course, this is also part of the reason that I’m vegan!” ——Ameliarose Allen (vegan), Actress, singer-songwriter, musician, Vegan activist, USA

“Because of ethical, environmental and climate reasons.” ——Greta Thunberg (vegan), Esteemed environmental activist, Shining World Heroine Award laureate, Sweden

“And also for the planet, because we’re destroying it.” ——Evan LeFevre (vegan), Co-President of Animal Hero Kids, Shining World Compassion Award recipient, USA

“For health reasons at first, but I very quickly realized that this lifestyle I’ve taken up, literally heals the world and all of the beings that live in it.” ——Haile Thomas (vegan), Founder of The Happy Org, Youngest US Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, USA

“I know what it’s like to be different. I know what it’s like to be the only vegan in the entire school. The very thing that made me stand out is the very thing that made me outstanding!” ——Daniel Bissonnette (vegan), Vegan activist, author, International speaker, Shining World Compassion Award recipient, World’s Top 100 Most Influential Vegans 2017 (Plant Based News), Canada

“We have all noticed a big difference in our strength and overall wellbeing.” ——DZ Vegan Kid Athletes (vegans), Sister Trio of gymnast-dancers

“Athletes can really, really benefit from a plant-based diet.” ——Eshiana Coleman (vegan), Elite acrobatic gymnast, Winner of the PETA Kids’ 2019 Cutest Vegan Kid Contest,  Vegan activist, USA

“You can feel so much better going vegan.” ——Shiona “Shy” Curry (vegan), aka “Shi LaChef” Author of S.N.A.C. it up! Cookbook, USA

“I’m just now seeing how healthy I am compared to some other kids I know, and there are so many other yummy foods to choose from!” ——Yanellie Ireland (vegan), Actress, Vegan activist, USA

“You can practically make every single thing vegan. You can have nachos that are vegan, donuts that are vegan, ice cream that’s vegan. You can do anything vegan.” ——Skylar Stecker (vegan), Singer and actress, USA

“There’s only one solution, my dear friends. We should stand up for not harming animals, not harming fellow humans, not harming Mother Earth.” ——Abhigya Anand (vegan), Prodigy astrologer and ahimsa advocate, India

“Always help animals if you see them in danger.” ——Alabama Barker (vegan), Rising musician, Daughter of famed drummer, Travis Barker (vegan), Animal rights activist, USA

“Use your passions (like arts or speaking or writing or sports) to help spread new ideas of veganism or animal rights.” ——Tayler Jensen (vegan), Founder and President of her school’s vegan club, USA

“Make it a rule that animals shouldn’t be hurt or killed.” ——Ella Rose (vegan), Co-President of Animal Hero Kids, USA

“Phase out all animal agriculture. We can do this and we will do this. We are the future.” ——Lila Copeland (vegan), Founder & director of Earth Peace Foundation, Animal activist USA

“We have the power to make huge life-saving changes in our world. Be an Animal Hero Kid. Speak up for those who don’t have a voice.” ——Jasmine Polsinelli (vegan), Award-winning animal welfare activist, Youngest Lifetime Member of the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, Canada

“I have this dream in which our hearts open up, and we begin to understand that we don’t have the right to kill you.” ——Llewellyn Avalon (vegan), Author of “The Modern Guide to Going Vegan at a Young Age” Photographer Animal rights activist, Australia

And the list goes on… Please visit for further club list, free downloads and info. Be Veg NOW and Join the NOBLE CLUB!

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