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Or if these addicted people have vegan or vegetarian diets, their merit of saving these lives of the animals would also help them to some degree, to minimize the effect of the negative energy of the demons. So, maybe prolong their life, the lives of these addicted people, or even prevent some of their diseases, which they’re supposed to have.

(Master, in regards to the leftover food, we are wondering how demons consume the food of humans after nine minutes. So, Master, we are wondering if this also applies to beverages as well, like water, tea, or coffee?)

Yes. They consume, they don’t eat your food, they just smell and inhale in the flavor to survive, because they don’t have the body, so they can survive on this flavor. Ethereal body, or astral body, is the same. Like the smell, it doesn’t have any substance, but you can smell it, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, like perfume. It is a liquid, but when you smell it, it’s not a liquid or anything, but you can smell it. You don’t put the perfume on your body, somebody else next to you does, then you still can smell it and enjoy the smell. (Yes, Master.)

Same with the people who drink alcohol and smoke. Many of the demon spirits, they have been alcoholics or smokers before. They love to hang around these kinds of people. That’s why it’s more difficult for them to quit. Not just because of the addictions or addictive substances, but also because of these demon spirits hanging around them, who always encourage them to do more and help them with their energy to continue to smoke or drink or gamble. (Yes, Master.) I have mentioned to you that the spirits of those demons who have been human in a former life or lives, they are still feeling addicted after they leave the physical body and they are in the astral body. (Yes, Master.) So, they love to hang around the people who are alive and have a chance, have a body to enjoy the smoking. So, they hang around so they can inhale the smoke, just like the living person who enjoys this kind of cigarette or drug-smoke and this kind of feeling and smelling. And the intoxicating kind of effect. They hang around them and just keep pestering them invisibly to smoke more. And that is why the more they smoke, the more they want.

And you asked me why it is that somebody who smokes but does not have like cancer or doesn’t have illnesses before they die? (Yes, Master.) Nevertheless, their life will be cut short anyway, because of these spirits hanging around them. Even more or fewer spirits, depends on that person’s merits in former life or in this lifetime. If in a former life this person who smokes right now, has a lot of merits and is a good person, upright person, then even though he is smoking, not many spirits are allowed to hang around, next to him. Therefore, the influence of this so-called yin energy, meaning dark energy, negative energy, is not affecting him much. Therefore, he doesn’t become sick or get those kinds of unpleasant illnesses due to smoking or drugs or alcohol. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not just the alcohol or the drugs or the cigarettes alone that are affecting a person. It is his own merits lacking, or too weak, too feeble. Plus, has no faith in any Master at all, or has never seen a Master, so many lifetimes, because of the lack of meritorious substances, meritorious quality. So, these kinds of people, who are lacking in meritorious quality, are more prone to be influenced and abused by these addicted demons. You understand? (Yes, Master. Very clear.) Therefore, he will get more sickness, or cancer, or other kinds of bodily or mentally or psychological effects, because of too many demons hanging around him. If he is virtuous, more virtuous in the last lifetimes or in this lifetime, then the demons will be at a farer distance from him. And they can inhale now and then, or from far away, but not standing next to him, nearby him in order to affect him, with their own negative or low and hellish kind or astral kind of dark energy. Therefore, he’s still able to be strong or living a normal life. (Yes, Master.)

These addicted persons, if they have very good merit, or have strong faith in some higher beings, they will also have some sort of protection, more or less, depending on their merit or their faith. Also, even if they don’t have enough merit to receive the protection from Heaven or from angels, if their parents had enough or have enough merit, or their loved ones - someone that they love or love them – have enough merit, then they can also share with him or her for the addicted person. Then they also somehow get protected. That’s why they don’t get as tragically sick or die early like other addicted persons. (Yes, Master.)

Or if these addicted people have vegan or vegetarian diets, their merit of saving these lives of the animals would also help them to some degree, to minimize the effect of the negative energy of the demons. So, maybe prolong their life, the lives of these addicted people, or even prevent some of their diseases, which they’re supposed to have. (Yes, Master.) The same, like the addicted people, those people who are also addicted to meat or animal products, it is the same situation. If they have a lot of merit to cover their meat consumption bad karma, then maybe they will survive good, and it seems like they don’t have any problems. But if they burn up all that, all the good merit in their store by eating meat, or if their parents don’t have merit, or their loved ones don’t have enough merit to share with that meat-eater person, then they will also fall sick, fall ill or die younger, or have a short life. Same thing. (Yes, Master.)

If he has no virtues and he smokes as well, then many demons will hang around him. So much of the dark energy will surround him all the time, every day, because he is smoking every day or he gambles even; many demons are also addicted to gambling or alcohol. These kinds of things they can always enjoy through the person who is having it by drinking, or smoking, or drugging. (Yes, Master.) Even though they don’t have the body, if they hang on to that person, very near, or possess that person, possess that drinking or smoking or gambling person, temporarily while he is doing it, then they can enjoy just the same, as if they have the body. (Yes, Master.) And if they keep taking turns to do that or do it a very short time together, like one demon spirit after another, then the smoking, drinking or drugging or gambling person is getting weaker, and more addicted all the time, more and more. Therefore, the more they gamble, the more they want, the more they smoke, the more they continue to smoke more heavily. That’s the thing. And then, because of too much negative energy hanging around him or her, they get weakened, and the body loses the defense system, (Yes, Master.) and becomes sick or gravely ill and dies. Short life; shorter. Therefore, cigarettes are not only harming people by their addictive substance, but also by attracting these kinds of demons around the addicted person, and harming him invisibly, as well. So double harm. That’s why cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and drugs, etc. are not advisable to anybody at all. Now you understand, OK? (Yes, Master.)

All right. And concerning the drink and all that, if you have a bottle of water, you pour out just as much as you can drink. And if leftover, you just pour it outside or something for the demons to enjoy. Pour it slowly, so they can have it. And you can leave a morsel or two. After you finish your meal, leave some, and then the demons can take it. (Yes, Master.)

I leave some morsel or two when I eat. Sometimes, I just leave it for a while, and then I throw it out. And I invite them, I say, “OK, you can eat.” You can think like that in your mind, if you want. (Yes, Master.)

Even drinking tea and all that, you just pour out as much as you want. And don’t leave it for a long time and then come back and drink it. (Yes, Master.) After you sip it already, then you should finish it. Otherwise, don’t drink it again afterwards, after too long. (Yes, Master.) You should know how much you want. Like from food and from drink, you take as much as you want. If you want more, you take more. And then whatever is left in the thermos, whatever is left in there, or whatever is left in your other bowl, is still clean. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t count as leftover. But it would be better whenever you eat, if it’s fresh, and you eat until you’re satisfied, OK? (Yes, Master.) All right then. This is all complete answer now, I think, right? (Yes, thank You, Master.)

(Master, after an addict dies, do they also become a demon?) Yes. If he doesn’t have enough merit to continue to become a human again. He might be born as a demon or a hungry ghost or addicted ghost. Or demon. Same. Not all will be a demon. Even a person, if he smokes but sometimes during this lifetime, he does some good deeds or somehow believes in some Master, or somehow helps with some good actions, or has a good heart, then he will not be born as a ghost. And he will be born accordingly, according to his karma. (Yes, Master.) But don’t wait until then to find out. Maybe too late. It’s very suffering to be a hungry ghost or addicted ghost. And you don’t have it to satisfy you. It’s worse than a person who is addicted when he is still alive. It’s uncontrollable, because that person doesn’t have a body when he dies and he is addicted, as a ghost; he has no control. He has no body to even try to forget. Everything is clear to him. To be a ghost and demon is a very suffering type of life. Especially a hungry ghost or addicted ghost. (Yes, Master.)

One more important thing. Why is the person, for example, a person who smokes and gets like throat cancer or lung cancer, or whatever cancer, in his body? Do you know why? (No, Master.) OK, they all blame it on the substance of the cigarette, but then, why somebody else who smokes all their life doesn’t get that? Do you see what I mean? (Understand, Master.) It’s because these demons, they abuse these smokers, whoever that is – she or he. And the smoker only wants a maximum of how much per day. Yet the demons come more and more, because this person doesn’t have enough merit to have protection from the angels. Therefore, the demons come and come, more and more, and then they demand more. And when that smoker doesn’t satisfy them, then the demons get angry, and then they try to scratch into his throat or suck into the smoker’s throat in order to find a leftover from some of the taste and some of the substances of the smoke of the cigarette, that is still there. They try to scratch, to dig into their stomach or their liver, their lungs or their throat, because the substances of the cigarettes or drugs are still in there. Leftover. (Yes, Master.) Therefore, that person has so many demons digging into his lungs and digging into his throat or his stomach, his liver etc. to find the leftover substances to satisfy themselves. Then how can that person survive? (Understand, Master.) Imagine, yeah? That’s why they have cancer as well. Not just the substances of the drug or the cigarette.

And the same with the addicted of gambling, because many demons are surrounding them. And if those persons who gamble do not have enough merit to be protected by angels or to be protected by their own merit or virtues, then more demons will come and demand to possess their body. Taking turns or together in order to make that person gamble more for the demons’ satisfaction. (Wow.) That is why. That is why the gambler has difficulty to quit. That’s why the smoker has difficulty to quit, and gets sick, cancer here and there, apart from the substances, as inherent in the cigarette or the drug that makes them sick as well. And the demons make it worse. That is a very fearful thing. If the people who smoke or take drugs, the abusive drugs, know that and can see it, then they would be so fearful. They would never want to even look at those drugs or any of these addictive substances. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, I have another question. Master, every time your poem airs “The Real Heroes” about the two Korean leaders, it’s so inspiring and moving and it just shows that Master is truly bringing peace to Earth through the world leaders, and it shows that some of these leaders are, as Master said, Bodhisattvas, and they must have come down to help. So, I was wondering, could Master reveal Her past affinity, if any, with the two Korean leaders and the Korean people?) OK, I haven’t checked on that, but just wait a moment, if I can check it now. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) If I cannot check it now, then I will tell you another time, when we have a conference again. (Yes, Master.) I’m so sorry, I don’t have enough time now. Maybe next time, OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) I will remember your question. I will answer it. When I have time to meditate on it. (Yes, thank You Master.)

(That’s all the questions we have, Master.) All right, then. I wish I had another me to satisfy everybody’s needs. At the moment, it’s kind of not that easy. All right, then I wish you a good night and have lovely dreams, heavenly visions, and be fit and well for tomorrow’s marathon, again. (Thank You, Master.) We are all in it together. Me (too) also, I also work hard. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) I hope you do. (Yes, Master.) If you were next to me and saw me working, it would feel like Master works like an ant, or a bee, because She’s very, very busy and you would wonder how anybody can do that. (Yes, Master.) I wonder it myself, so don’t ask me. I don’t have an answer for that. All right. It’s many things.

Many things I have to do, but I cannot always tell you because of the time limit and also sometimes you don’t have to know. (Yes, Master.) But one thing, that I always have enough inside power to protect you and love you. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master.) So, you feel secured. (Thank You, Master.)

Whatever you do, be unconditional. Don’t forget that. (Yes, Master.) That’s the only way that you should live your life – unconditional love, unconditional dedication, unconditional service. OK? (Yes, Master.) All right. God bless, God bless, God bless, God love. (Thank You, Master.) Heaven protect and I love you. (We love You, Master.)

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